XSF Communications Team - 2020-03-07

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  19. emus https://hackmd.syndace.com/s/r1fNElZSL#
  20. emus I would put it myself, but Vodafone doesnt like to ship internet atm
  21. pep. put what?
  22. pep. I don't think that should go in any newsletter
  23. Martin Is this wip from the Düsseldorf meeting?
  24. pep. yeah
  25. emus Why not? 🤔
  26. pep. that's a temporary docume t
  27. pep. that's a temporary document
  28. pep. let them dump that in the wiki or write an article about it first
  29. emus Ah okay, thought its a live blog which is the blog post in the end^^
  30. Martin pep.: Are you participating?
  31. pep. nope
  32. Martin Ah, yeah you're not involved in omemo
  33. pep. couldn't be there this weekend
  34. pep. I would have :p
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  37. emus Anyone fibally wants to review the february german newsletter in the wiki? otherwise, I drop it to jabber.de finally
  38. pep. Do we have a newsletter for March btw? In english
  39. pep. I don't know who has acess to what
  40. pep. I haven't seen nyco around for some time now
  41. pep. for February I mean
  42. pep. The last one was Feb 04 :/
  43. emus I can try tomorrow or later evtl. at least writing
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  55. emus Im gonna start with the link collection and crosscheck what was dropped in the chat now
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  58. emus DebXWoody: was that gpg4win a news for the newsletter? you send 6th of feb
  59. emus Collected, last time for all to check if their links are in the list.
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  61. emus DebXWoody: Even its public on the website, do you want to be named with you nickname in the newsletter? or something not?
  62. emus or only?
  63. emus gonna go eating now. continue working later
  64. DebXWoody nickname is fine. OpenPGP also
  65. DebXWoody I'm not sure about the gpg4win, I think no need to put it into the newsletter.
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  67. emus You mean your pgp key? no we just need a name
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  76. Licaon_Kter https://tigase.net/beagleim-3.7-and-siskin-5.7-released/
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  79. emus Licaon_Kter: is from march, but okay
  80. emus I did some work. as my internet is broken, I cannot open many links. However I did some work on it. If anyone can provide the xeps status I can implement it. However, I dont know where excatly to gather the information for February from
  81. Licaon_Kter emus: yeah whatever...
  82. emus Working on February atm
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