XSF Communications Team - 2020-03-14

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  49. emus Al bit late, but here is se Tscherman release form January, the rest will follow https://www.jabber.de/xmpp-newsletter-frohes-neues-xmpp-jahr-14-januar-2020/
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  59. emus Anyone wants to commit redactions for the February translations?
  60. emus https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/German_Newsletter_translation_of_February_2020
  61. emus https://www.jabber.de/xmpp-universum-mit-voller-geschwindigkeit-04-feb-2020/
  62. emus Who posted that link: https://post.lurk.org/@pep/103736689790093261 it doesnt work anymore
  63. pep. hmm
  64. pep. let me find you a public link for that last link
  65. pep. https://post.lurk.org/@pep/103736700377632789
  66. emus ok
  67. emus ah there was your name inside, havent seen it
  68. pep. :)
  69. pep. emus, do you know how to PR (and then edit) such a text btw? I think you can go ahead
  70. pep. I personally prefer to review when it's in PR form
  71. emus You meant to put it on github for PR?
  72. pep. yeah
  73. pep. I'm currently reading the wiki page
  74. emus Basically yes.
  75. emus pep.: havent finished yet
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  77. emus a few links are missing the formulation. will eat, then continue
  78. pep. I'm curious if we should poke organizers of Berlin to ask if the sprint is cancelled
  79. pep. no worries :)
  80. pep. I think they might announce that in a few days, but they have been talking about remote communication in the sprint channel for a few days
  81. emus I agree
  82. Martin What security scandal? The thing with the groupchat links?
  83. pep. yeah ~
  84. pep. I just retweeted stuff tbh
  85. pep. The EFF actually retweeted^Wretooted it later on
  86. pep. emus, missing matching ] around MongooseIM?
  87. pep. I don't especially like the thing around the 12 bytes, especially without mentioning why (well there is a link to inputmice's thread above but still..)
  88. pep. Monal is not even mentioned
  89. pep. But hmm, how does that even affect things etc.
  90. pep. There's a missing section on GSoC?
  91. Licaon_Kter pep.: there's a whole section for Monal it self, no enough blog posts there?
  92. pep. Ah right. A paragraph yeah :p
  93. Licaon_Kter About Monal...so many links but no mention of > 4.4 Feb 29, 2020
  94. pep. Also the wiki doesn't seem to like newlines (looking at XEPs)
  95. pep. emus, the "Call for Experience" and "Last Call" are actually over, so maybe the phrase "please answer the following questions" can be said differently
  96. emus I only used selected post for Monal. Many post are only short sentenece or do not really make sense to extra mention
  97. emus I will make a note
  98. Licaon_Kter emus: yeah, ok, but do add that latest is 4.4 or modify it in "4.3 and 4.4"
  99. emus ok
  100. emus but 4.4 ist in march specifically. I mean, I don't care really, because its 1st of March and makes sense already to put it there. However, I don't know how picky you are on this?
  101. emus https://monal.im/blog/monal-4-4-for-ios-and-mac-are-out/
  102. pep. Ok re berlin, let's not say something definitive, just.. a sprint has been planned in berlin or sth
  103. emus Maybe I just remind to frequently check the situation on the sprint because of the situation with COV-ID19
  104. emus I cannot find this article anymore: https://hund.linuxkompis.se/2020/02/13/hur-du-kommer-igang-med-xmpp-pa-android.html
  105. emus pep. but there is a mentioning of the Sprints already
  106. pep. Right.. I feel a bit confused because we're already mid-march and a sprint has already happened and we've got more context :p
  107. pep. Ignore me
  108. emus We just gonna send it. I mentioned in the beginnnig that we are late. People will see that it already happened. However, for documentation it's good to just have it I think
  109. pep. okay
  110. pep. what about GSoC?
  111. emus imnplemented
  112. pep. hmm?
  113. pep. I don't see anything on the wiki page
  114. emus pep. I will deleted you twitter lurk link as the information is already written via the official article
  115. pep. k
  116. emus yes, I havent sumbit yet
  117. emus submit
  118. pep. link the mastodon link maybe then? Maybe we can stop promoting private platforms :p
  119. pep. let me find the EFF post
  120. pep. not eff, fsfe
  121. emus After a recent [https://www.dw.com/en/whatsapp-security-flaw-over-60000-groups-still-accessible-online/a-52543414 secruity flaw in WhatsApp groups], the FSFE recommends XMPP as [https://fsfe.org/news/2020/news-20200228-01.en.html decentral and open alternative amd solution]. The XSF tweeted about this already.
  122. emus Am I on the wrong track?
  123. pep. https://mastodon.social/@fsfe/103736905229241090
  124. emus > Maybe we can stop promoting private platforms
  125. emus ?
  126. pep. Twitter.
  127. pep. Twitter is quite far from what XMPP stands for
  128. pep. standard / extensible / decentralized
  129. emus Okay, I agree, but in that manner I prefer the primary source (not that Twitter is a decent one^^)
  130. pep. The primary source is the FSFE :p
  131. pep. link the article then yeah
  132. emus So is okay, as I did it?
  133. emus submitted in the wiki
  134. Licaon_Kter > 4.4 Feb 29, 2020 As seen in App store, yeah...blogpost is one day (or hours) later
  135. emus ok fine, I put it in already
  136. emus was that hund link from you aswell?
  137. Licaon_Kter A?
  138. emus > I cannot find this article anymore: > https://hund.linuxkompis.se/2020/02/13/hur-du-kommer-igang-med-xmpp-pa-android.html
  139. emus I would be really happy to put this as one of the pictures: https://image.spreadshirtmedia.net/image-server/v1/products/T814A1PA3795PT17X12Y10D138973805S23/views/1,width=650,height=650,appearanceId=1,backgroundColor=f6f6f6/design-of-15-years-of-jabberplorg-xmpp-server.jpg 😀 😀 😀
  140. Licaon_Kter emus: ummm strange Put this in place if not already in https://hund.linuxkompis.se/2020/02/18/hur-du-kommer-igang-med-conversations-pa-android.html
  141. Licaon_Kter There's a note on top, i guess they updated in
  142. Licaon_Kter There's a note on top, i guess they updated it
  143. emus Licaon_Kter: ok
  144. emus thx
  145. emus May you summarize whats it about for the readers?
  146. emus there are three possible pictures, we can put in the newsletter: https://discourse.igniterealtime.org/uploads/default/original/2X/8/8a20644093cdefad9f3d16e92a7a3d83c9a1fffe.png https://movim.eu/img/chatroom.png https://snikket.org/images/pixel_quite_black_portrait.png
  147. emus I suggest we decide on two of those
  148. emus Licaon_Kter: Is the article about how to setup conversations?
  149. pep. That's only my own opinion but I really can't do Pade :/ Too much colors, too much things
  150. emus Then you vote on the other both? 😀
  151. emus Yes, the screen hsot quality is not good
  152. pep. yeah I guess
  153. emus screenshot
  154. pep. plus that, the screenshot is really not good quality
  155. emus Would vote the same way
  156. emus Any other opinions?
  157. emus So @all, the editing is basically done. You can cross-check. Otherwise I will proceed to drop it to github
  158. pep. Right after this one I guess we should start March btw :p
  159. pep. Seeing how long we spent on this one
  160. emus 😀 I'm already done for today 🙈️
  161. pep. Thanks!
  162. Licaon_Kter 👍
  163. emus We actually need to revise how to manage this 🤔️ I think including translating is many stupid copy paste etc and waste of resources
  164. emus pep. https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/689
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  170. emus The upload of the the pictures we should discuss tomorrow. Dunno how you want to have it implemented. Good night
  171. pep. okay!
  172. pep. night