XSF Communications Team - 2020-03-28

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  25. emus Last call for news for the March! 🎊
  26. emus Any news not yet posted or entered in the Wiki?
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  49. emus pep.: I'm working at the newsletter atm. Would you or someone else with better understanding help to collect the XEP informations?
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  54. emus @all are there any reports from the DU Sprint?
  55. pep. hmm, re dusseldorf maybe ask people directly, I don't see any here
  56. pep. Ah vanitasvitae, but he's busy iirc
  57. pep. yeah there was an article on his blog, talking about this
  58. emus I just finished link collection
  59. emus got that
  60. emus I released a first draft in the wiki. Gonna eat now. then I will formulate the missing news. I would be happy to also release the previous XEP for completeness reasons. I wrote an information that we did intentionally so far
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  63. emus Just standing in the kitchen and think about the release process πŸ€” From preworks till translations it takes many steps. - Putting everything into the wiki in the wiki format - Then putting everything into everything into github and also overwork the format to markdown Then for translators: - Putting everything into format X for their website and evtl. hassle with WordPress πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ What I want to say is, that costs lots of resources and motivation. I may suggest another order: - Start working directly in github - Also create a subpage for each translation - Put the result into the XSF Wiki as Archive - Everyone who wants to release on their own page is free todo so and is of course highly appreciated What do you think? jcbrand, nyco, pep. and who is Severino Ferrer de la PeΓ±ita?
  64. jcbrand That's SouL
  65. jcbrand I'm cool with doing everything from the start via GitHub
  66. pep. I'm also fine with that (for my little involvement), but we're devs, some aren't :P
  67. jcbrand GitHub is probably easier to use than the wiki
  68. pep. Using only the web UI?
  69. emus I mean, I still create a pull request without being admin or? As I just already did? or whats is the problem?
  70. emus Okay. hello SouL πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ƒ
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