XSF Communications Team - 2020-03-31

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  62. debacle emus, is this the right MUC for newsletter input?
  63. debacle or shall I edit the wiki?
  64. debacle It is about a new software release. But it is not a client, not a server, and not a library. It is a component! ;-) I assume, server components go to server, right?
  65. emus debacle: There is a "Others" Section
  66. emus If you put it in the wiki, please do me a favor and directly make a statement out of it as all the others
  67. emus is it from march?
  68. debacle we released during the sprint
  69. debacle it was part of the sprint
  70. debacle Other is not a subsection of Sofware releases, it is a different thing.
  71. debacle I put it under servers then.
  72. debacle components are server-side, so it fits
  73. emus debacle: Is fine for me
  74. emus You can also put that under the speint section in Events
  75. emus as an outcome of the Sprint
  76. debacle yes, but then we should collect more results. there were much more important things ;-)
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  78. emus I can only put what people released or where I somehow can reference to
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  84. emus Reminder for myself: Update to english version https://www.dbjr.de/en/article/entwicklerinnentreffen-zu-freier-kommunikation/
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  86. emus Still the open question if there is someone happy to review at least the XEP section on the march entries
  87. SouL If anyone can take a look at it https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/689/files
  88. emus SouL: No guys, stop
  89. emus this is the old one. I havent dropped it there. If you want we to update there already, I can do so
  90. emus I havent dropped the current edits from the wiki
  91. emus I havent dropped the current edits from the wiki*
  92. emus will do later
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  115. emus SouL, pep., jcbrand: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/689 Hello guys, its in Github now. So please review, *but please dont merge now*. One link is missing, will do tomorrow Good night
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