XSF Communications Team - 2020-04-02

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  30. emus https://gajim.org/post/2020-03-30-development-news-march/
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  32. Licaon_Kter emus: yeah posted above too, what?
  33. emus Licaon_Kter: Is a remi der for to check whether its in the draft alreafy
  34. emus Licaon_Kter: Is a reminder der for to check whether its in the draft alreafy
  35. emus Licaon_Kter: Is a reminder for to check whether its in the draft alreafy
  36. emus Licaon_Kter: Is a reminder for me to check whether its in the draft alreafy
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  62. emus jcbrand: Ready to go!
  63. emus jcbrand: Ahh JC - I forgot about pictures
  64. emus I suggested three - but I didnt know how to implement them or provide for the release
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  67. jcbrand Ok, I can only send the email tomorrow
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  69. emus jcbrand: But how do you want me to provide pictures within the newsletter? Just upload within the thread?
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  76. emus The CommTeam decided to start drafting in Github directly, so people without Wiki access can participate and its more convienent. We will use the Wiki as archive. Please proceed to https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/693 SouL pep. jcbrand nyco
  77. emus intosi, ralphm, SouL, winfried: May one of you put this into the MUC description please? That would be helpful I think
  78. emus Of course we still can link to the wiki as archive in general
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