XSF Communications Team - 2020-04-04

  1. debacle

    Isn't the newsletter supposed to be aggregated on Planet Jabber?

  2. jcbrand

    For some reason it's nog showing up in xmpp.org

  3. jcbrand

    I'm not sure why, my guess is something wrong with the metadata at the top of the markdown file, like maybe the date. I can't look into this, am afk the whole day. Maybe someone else can figure it out.

  4. pep.

    > For some reason it's nog showing up in xmpp.org you need to poke iteam. the server is not pulling container updates since MattJ rebuilt it, he knows

  5. jcbrand

    Thanks, I've asked him

  6. DebXWoody


  7. emus

    DebXWoody: Thank you for you post. Is this xmpp related?

  8. Licaon_Kter

    emus: there are XMPP and Jitsi menioned

  9. Licaon_Kter

    emus: there are XMPP and Jitsi mentioned, yes

  10. emus

    okay, cool

  11. emus

    DebXWoody: Would mind to create a fornulated pull request on github to your draft PR?

  12. emus


  13. Link Mauve

    Zoom also uses XMPP IIRC.

  14. Link Mauve

    Zoom also uses XMPP AFAIK.

  15. emus


  16. DebXWoody

    Link Mauve: I think they moved to matrix, but I'm not sure

  17. DebXWoody

    emus: No Github ;-)

  18. emus


  19. Link Mauve

    DebXWoody, interesting, do you have a source for that?

  20. DebXWoody

    Link Mauve: Maybe I'm wrong. Zoom looks like a video chat. I remember there was a app with a red icon.

  21. Licaon_Kter

    DebXWoody: video conference, yes, so?

  22. Link Mauve

    It is a video chat, and I remember reading somewhere they were using XMPP, but now that I’m looking for it I can’t find a source either…

  23. DebXWoody

    I think it was Zom Messenger. Maybe they moved to Matrix. I don't know.

  24. Link Mauve

    Ah, that’s totally unrelated.

  25. Link Mauve

    This article is about zoom.us, a proprietary video chat software.

  26. DebXWoody

    Anyway, I was just sharing the link because of GPG and XMPP (with Conversations and OMEMO) in this article. \o/

  27. SouL

    Link Mauve, it looks like there's some XMPP stuff https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/chatbots/send-edit-and-delete-messages

  28. Link Mauve

    Right, looks like a REST interface on top of XMPP.

  29. peetah

    latest newsletter translations links are wrong

  30. peetah

    at least on the website

  31. peetah

    and from what I'm aware of, the french translation I intend to make will not be published on jabberfr.org but on https://linuxfr.org/tags/xmpp/public, as I do since December

  32. emus

    peetah: We only to the general website, as the translations will always appear after the orginal one, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of at least jabber.de

  33. peetah

    In the newsletter, the paragraph "Version 1.0.0 of XEP-0363 (HTTP File Upload) has been released." has two consecutive occurences.

  34. emus

    peetah: It appears twice?

  35. peetah


  36. peetah

    on the website

  37. emus

    Hm, ok, sorry. If you would like to help review next time that is highly appreciated

  38. peetah

    sorry , I was not available at the time, but I'll do my best for the next one

  39. emus

    One also directly claimed on typos already peetah: is fine

  40. emus

    peetah: We do everying on github first as a new trial

  41. peetah

    no need to be sorry , you already did a great job by compiling all these

  42. emus


  43. emus

    but compiling and final publish to the side was actually done by jc

  44. emus

    jcbrand: Actually - did you also release to twitter?

  45. emus

    No, I see. we should do that as well

  46. peetah

    anybody has news about nyco ? I haven't seen him here in a while, nor on our common french site linuxfr.org… I hope everything is well for him