XSF Communications Team - 2020-04-27

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  62. emus wurstsalat: Have you had sometime to review? the XEP section? btw do you actually have insights to check? 😅
  63. emus Anyway, I think I will add one or two news, the publish for review
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  66. wurstsalat emus: no, not yet. Will try to have a look this evening!
  67. emus ok cool
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  75. wurstsalat emus, should I simply comment on the current document on github?
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  78. emus wurstsalat: You can, but I need somewone reviewing especially the XEP section if that is fine and complete
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  80. wurstsalat emus, 'draft' and 'experimental' headlines are meant for xeps which have just been advanced to that status? others simply go under 'updates' ?
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  82. emus Hmm, most are there as place holders if valid, or what do you mean?
  83. Nÿco peetah: test
  84. peetah Nÿco: pong
  85. wurstsalat emus: if a xep gets updated and is in draft, but the last version has already been in draft, you list it in 'updated', not 'draft', correct?
  86. pep. Nÿco, hey
  87. emus wurstsalat: hmm not sue
  88. emus sure
  89. emus pep.: ?
  90. pep. emus, ? :)
  91. emus > emus: if a xep gets updated and is in draft, but the last version has already been in draft, you list it in 'updated', not 'draft', correct?
  92. emus pep.:
  93. pep. hmm, sure, makes sense
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  95. peetah do one need to work on github in order to make changes to the draft ?
  96. peetah does one need to work on github in order to make changes to the draft ?
  97. emus peetah: Hmm, yes we decided to start there from now on and put the release in the wiki. But wait a bit, will release the review draft in a few minutes
  98. peetah by the way, any reason to use github rather than a gitlab instance hosted on xmpp.org ?
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  100. pep. peetah, lack of resources, mostly
  101. pep. I would also want something like this otherwise
  102. emus Also agreed
  103. emus Marked as official pull request! https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/693 So please review
  104. emus wurstsalat: Thank you for taking a look!
  105. peetah just to be clear, as I am not used to github way of doing things, I understand that it means working within github interface rather than pulling and submitting merge requests ?
  106. emus peetah: You can just use the website interface, click file changes, the three dots and then Edit. Make your edits and then pull request. Then I can look at it an merge or make a change suggestion. does that answer your question?
  107. peetah yes thanks
  108. peetah Edit is greyed in the 3 dots menu (yes I'm logged in ;) )
  109. peetah Are edits only available to member of the project ?
  110. peetah Are edits only available to members of the project ?
  111. emus Hmm, any otherways? Some other commited changes already. Should work for everyone 🤔
  112. emus peetah: If nothing works tonight just leave a comment and I will do it. but maybe you can look yourself if there is another way first
  113. peetah i'll try
  114. emus Try scollong down
  115. emus then click the most recent file change .md file
  116. emus then try the same again
  117. emus This three dots:
  118. emus https://xmpp-share.mailbox.org/upload/mailbox.org/cf9b0bfb1642efa7ddd6e519af9dbaa1ccd6e42c/AaiJNCe3fUu9pWEMDvFnAyTI2LH9XB46sbEbCaIB/Screenshot_20200428-004015.png
  119. emus right?
  120. peetah right
  121. peetah I will go with the commenting way for now
  122. emus Still doesnt work? Hmm I`m confused. I think I never got any right at Xsf repo, but could contribute there
  123. emus peetah: sorry, but Im pretty sure we will find out
  124. emus > I will go with the commenting way for now Ok cool
  125. peetah no problem, commenting is fine
  126. emus Alright, we will figure out. Thats not intentional, at least not from my side 😅
  127. emus Everyone should be able to contribute, thats the idea
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  130. emus Im using my new ID from now on 👋
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