XSF Communications Team - 2020-04-29

  1. wurstsalat

    emus, finished :)

  2. emus

    Already see the mail! very good

  3. emus

    jonas’: You did directly created a merge request for your news. How did you made this? because the otheres somehow cannot do it?

  4. jonas’

    I didn’t

  5. jonas’

    I just commented

  6. jonas’

    someone processed that

  7. jonas’

    emus, ^

  8. emus

    Yes 🤔 But, if you want to, why they cannot create a merge request?

  9. emus

    Yes? 🤔 But, if you want to, why they cannot create a merge request?

  10. emus

    Martin: It was you not Jonas. You directly commited to my branch? or how?

  11. Martin

    Which commit?

  12. Martin

    I accidentally did one PR against the XSF repo but I closed it as I wanted to PR against you PR so that finally only one PR must be merged with the XSF repo.

  13. emus

    Ok cool - may you describe your steps, at least for the website GUI, becaude peetah had some issues with that to find? wurstsalat you too?

  14. Martin

    Let's see if I can find out what I did.

  15. wurstsalat

    I went straight for commenting

  16. emus

    wurstsalat: Yes, but direct commit would be great, or merge request

  17. wurstsalat

    ok, I’ll remember for next month :)

  18. emus

    Is okay, no problem. Just to save resources

  19. Martin

    Ok, I opened your PR ( https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/693 ), clicked on `Echelon:patch-4` ( https://github.com/Echolon/xmpp.org/tree/patch-4 ) and navigated to `content/posts/newsletter/2020-04-02.md` pressed the edit symbol, edited and created a PR against your fork which after being accepted was part of your PR against the XSF repo.

  20. emus

    Martin: Thank you very much! peetah: Does this work for you?

  21. peetah

    Busy with something else, will tell you later

  22. emus

    peetah: sure

  23. emus

    I called for the final review 🎉