XSF Communications Team - 2020-05-05

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  18. jcbrand I never included pictures when I wrote the newsletter
  19. jcbrand I'll ask if there's a place where we can host images. I still don't think they should be in the GitHub repo
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  22. emus jcbrand: But in the previous newsletters with pictures. Did they host those on github? I mean the website, is it made of those github websites?
  23. jcbrand No, they simply copied and pasted URLs of images hosted somewhere else.
  24. emus Ah okay. We can do so too if thats easier?
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  29. emus So I implement ment the links in what formating? Is there an example?
  30. peetah je te rapelle que le devis prevoit 30€/m2 pour le carelage
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  32. peetah oops!
  33. peetah sorry
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  37. peetah emus: you're looking for the format of images in markdown ?
  38. peetah I think it is ![caption text](URL)
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  42. emus peetah: Okay thank - is that sufficient to use for publishing?
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  62. jcbrand I'm not really a fan of this approach, but you can do it like that yes
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  67. emus jcbrand: But I think then we should publish not from github. We are restricted from two sides with your argumentation. I mean how does publishing work exactly? I think one solution can be to ask the sources if they agree that we link to their website and they might experience higher traffic?
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  69. emus https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/11741404/78500981-f38b2a80-7759-11ea-97b5-a15567a2a30a.png this one would be hosted on github anyway
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