XSF Communications Team - 2020-05-08

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  12. jcbrand emus: I'm not sure I understand what you mean
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  28. emus jcbrand: I want to call the people to contribute to the recent draft. This was done previously aswell
  29. jcbrand emus: are you officially a member of the comms team? I'd rather just that you have access to Twitter instead of me being a middle man
  30. emus 😅 ehm I don't think so
  31. emus I'm just a member of XSF
  32. pep. Yeah you need to ask board for that. Someday we should figure out why teams can't do that themselves.. (and maybe just report back to board)
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  39. MattJ I think it would be nice to introduce some automaton here
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  41. SouL +1
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  44. emus Sure, would be cool too
  45. pep. emus, in the meantime if you want to be added, just make it known to a board member (and to the team of course) and we'll do that
  46. emus Yes, I can do that. But isn't it more officiall if you guys announce it from a official side? I mean, what ever you think is right or prefer
  47. pep. No I mean, I won't propose a vote to add you to the team if it's not you asking :)
  48. pep. (as a board member)
  49. emus ah okay now I understand. So I have to drop an email as a request to the board?
  50. pep. No it's fine, we just need to know :P
  51. pep. I'll add you to the agenda then
  52. pep. (done)
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  54. emus But I am not sure if Incan attend next week 😕
  55. emus But I am not sure if I can attend next week 😕
  56. pep. emus, You technically don't have to attend. It kinda seems weird to me that board handles this anyway, but we generally don't refuse candidates (I think?). And it's not like we haven't witnessed the motivation already :)
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  59. emus Just saying. Dont have my work schedule to review till monday as Im not at home atm
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