XSF Communications Team - 2020-05-14

  1. emus

    Happy to join officially guys! 🎉❤

  2. Licaon_Kter


  3. wurstsalat

    nice, emus !

  4. emus


  5. peetah

    officially ?

  6. vanitasvitae

    emus, are you now a COMMS person? 😛

  7. emus

    I think so 😅 😉

  8. emus

    Now I invite everyone for a thursday-afterwork-virtual-beer or drink of your choice! 🍻 Everything for free! 😉

  9. Martin opens a beer

  10. Martin

    emus: Where shall I send the bill?

  11. emus

    You know I dont like my previous landlord, so will just provide my (=his) adress of course, okay? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  12. Nÿco

    hi all

  13. emus

    Hello Nÿco

  14. Licaon_Kter

    Nÿco: U ok?

  15. pep.

    emus, you should look into updating your status on the website btw :)

  16. pep.

    the members.json file, you can add which team you're in

  17. pep.

    I need to send minutes so you can refer to that in the PR (or just use weblogs)

  18. Nÿco

    emus, Licaon_Kter good to "see" you again, yeah fine, a lot happened to me, wish to back to normal commteaming ;-)

  19. emus

    pep.: Okay, can I do that from my phone? 🤔 Because Im not at home the next days

  20. pep.

    it's fine, do that when you come back then

  21. emus


  22. emus

    Nÿco: Yes, would be great

  23. SouL

    Nÿco, happy to hear from you!

  24. peetah

    nice to have you back Nÿco

  25. Nÿco


  26. Licaon_Kter

    Nÿco: yeah, hope everything is ok 👍

  27. Nÿco

    yeah, I just heard there was a virus worldwide... ;-)

  28. Nÿco

    I need my haircut, like everyone else, I'll lose 1kg

  29. pep.

    hah. I was actually wondering if I should let my hair grow again. Something else decided for me

  30. pep.

    One less thing to worry about

  31. emus

    I recently went, friends told me was the investment of my life 😅