XSF Communications Team - 2020-05-30

  1. emus

    Hello guys, I think by tuesday, I will be fine again an finalise the newsletter for release. Anything to say? PRs still welcome! (just @mention me please for notification)

  2. wurstsalat

    emus, my PR is good to go now

  3. emus

    is there a new one? I thought I merged already?

  4. emus

    Ahh, I was up to do it, but then my phone died and I forgot 😬️

  5. emus

    now its merged!

  6. emus

    Ah, no, it was a new one I think?

  7. wurstsalat

    yes, a second one

  8. emus

    I recommed to @mention me always, because I somehow don't get notficiations

  9. wurstsalat

    I did (on github)

  10. emus

    🤔️ mysterious

  11. emus

    anyway its merged

  12. wurstsalat

    yes :)