XSF Communications Team - 2020-06-04

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  59. peetah emus: I added poezio and biboumi releases
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  65. emus Thanks - will review now
  66. emus Very well done! Thanks
  67. emus There is one conflict. I dont know if I provoked it by merging the previous one. May you review?
  68. peetah done
  69. emus Gracias!
  70. emus Any feedback from the CommTeam if review is possible from your side? If you have no time, that's okay but would be helpful to know. Nÿco jcbrand SouL
  71. SouL I'm going to go through it after work today, if that is fine!
  72. emus SouL: Absolutely, thank you
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  78. pep. peetah, we might publish something for the releases, not sure if it's best to add that next month
  79. pep. Also slix has been released this month
  80. pep. I asked in poezio@
  81. peetah you prefer to have the poezio announcement made next month and replace it by slixmpp 1.5.2 ?
  82. pep. I think that's independant
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  86. peetah emus: from my understanding, Errol is not a library but an XMPP client, is'nt it ?
  87. emus Its a client? I just read python XMPP
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  90. peetah it's using XMPP to send files according to what changes in a directory, so I guess that qualifies it as a client ?
  91. emus Okay is fine
  92. peetah i move it to clients then
  93. peetah I also added slixmmp release
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  96. emus Nice, thanks
  97. emus So, when soul read the newsletter we are good to go for a release. Any volunatry to prepare the Tweet, too?
  98. emus Ideal, someone with access to the account
  99. peetah pep. should tell us tonight if poezio wishes to wait for advertizing 0.13.0 release, so that they have the time to make a proper announcement, so this part might be removed
  100. pep. there's a 0.13.1 btw :)
  101. emus vanitasvitae - if you create a short summary as pull request I think its okay. You can also mention that this is actually late.
  102. peetah pep.: it is already included in the current draft :)
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  104. emus 👍️
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  142. pep. peetah: all good for poezio (to include it). We'll publish something later
  143. peetah pep.: great !
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  153. peetah emus: poezio team gave its ok to include poezio release in the may newsletter
  154. emus 👍 I think about @mention maintainers of software if we commit news about their software. This is also a quality check. What do you think?
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  157. peetah seems a good idea
  158. pep. yeah that'd be good, if it's not directly included by project maintainers themselves
  159. Martin Do we have a list with the Github nicks of all the XMPP projects?
  160. pep. nicks?
  161. pep. Ah when people PR
  162. emus nope, but at least contributors should try to find out
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  167. emus Thank you SouL
  168. peetah emus: in case you have'nt check yet, there are 3 PR in your repo
  169. peetah emus: in case you have'nt checked yet, there are 3 PR in your repo
  170. emus on my way!
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