XSF Communications Team - 2020-06-11

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  20. Nÿco all I know: something takes the MD file once it's merged, and then it does someting, and finally it ends up on Pelican facing internet users
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  22. emus SouL: ? ^ do you know more details
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  24. SouL If it does not work, we might need to contact iteam, emus
  25. emus SouL: ok
  26. SouL Not long ago the server crashed and stuff was moved to a new one, maybe there's a connection there, I'm not sure
  27. emus we will see what they respond
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  32. Martin See what popped up in my feedreader: https://xmpp.org/2020/06/newsletter/
  33. Martin 🎉
  34. Licaon_Kter 404 Not Found nginx/1.14.2
  35. Martin Ugh
  36. Martin My ttrss shows the newsletter.
  37. peetah same here
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  40. peetah because we have the rss right does'nt mean the URL is right
  41. emus We are working on it
  42. emus At least me
  43. peetah do we consider the newletter officially published, or do we wait for its publication on the blog to start translations ?
  44. peetah do we consider the newsletter officially published, or do we wait for its publication on the blog to start translations ?
  45. emus peetah: You can start alreafy if you want
  46. emus its the same which has been published to the other cahnnels
  47. peetah for those interested, the french translation is initiated here: https://linuxfr.org/redaction/news/xmpp-home-9-juin-2020
  48. emus 👍
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  57. Nÿco it's done already? good job peetah as usual 🙂
  58. Nÿco if you wanna provide text for social media...
  59. Nÿco I'll be on a meeting
  60. peetah it needs review and improvements though
  61. Nÿco ok
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  64. peetah I'm not used to social media, therefore I don't know what to provide :) any link to previous "social media" announcements ?
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  67. DebXWoody I published the newsletter on Movim: https://nl.movim.eu/?node/pubsub.movim.eu/xmpp/cdc4fb1e-5e96-47ff-b8bc-02e53916a9f5
  68. peetah last month jcbrand raised the issue of hijacked bandwidth when using linked image in the newsletter
  69. jcbrand Yeah, other people don't seem to care
  70. peetah I don't remember that a real decision was made
  71. jcbrand Another potential issue is that images get removed from the foreign host and then they don't render for us
  72. peetah should'nt they be hosted on xmmp.org then ?
  73. peetah I remember that you had a problem with hosting them in the github repo
  74. Nÿco this ia already the case for some images in the past: some of the former newsletters are broken there is no solution, afaik
  75. Nÿco the github repo is not an issue in terms of storage
  76. Nÿco the thing is we don't really know how to add images in Pelican, unless...
  77. peetah I used pelican once, and remember that there was a specific configuration to define where to store images
  78. peetah let me check
  79. Nÿco 404
  80. Nÿco https://xmpp.org/category/newsletter.html
  81. Nÿco on both links: - the title - Continue reading...
  82. peetah https://docs.getpelican.com/en/stable/content.html#static-content
  83. peetah it's even configured in the current pelicanconf.py
  84. Nÿco so you add your picture in the PR in the right folder, and then you add the MD link: but I remember it does not work, I may be wrong
  85. peetah and there plenty of them right now in the repo xmpp.org/content/images/blog
  86. peetah well it works for the blog, then why not for the newsletter
  87. Nÿco we could fix each newsletter then
  88. Nÿco no, wait the newsletter is not the blog (tautology) in the newsletter, you upload pictures in the editor after that, I don't know where they are
  89. peetah you just have to put /images/newsletter/image.jpg in the relevant markdown link
  90. Nÿco so far, I've not seen any picture in the blog that was not hosted somewhere else
  91. Nÿco just that?
  92. peetah https://xmpp.org/2017/09/return-of-experience-on-xmpp-meetup-in-krakow/
  93. peetah https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/tree/master/content/images/blog
  94. Nÿco oh and I was the author
  95. peetah well the /images/newsletter has to be created, but nothing else required
  96. Nÿco the proof it works
  97. Nÿco si I can't remember how to do it it would be nice to document it
  98. peetah just need to upload the image on github, which is limited to authorized users I guess
  99. Nÿco ok, so for now, we still have to fix that 404, because there is still no content available
  100. peetah emus: did you manage to find where the problem is ?
  101. peetah oh I see you just renamed the file
  102. peetah oh I see you 've just renamed the file
  103. peetah oh I see you have just renamed the file
  104. peetah so I guess we have to wait for some bot to do its job ?
  105. emus peetah: Doing
  106. peetah i works !
  107. peetah thanks emus !
  108. peetah s/i/it/
  109. peetah was the issue only in the name of the file ?
  110. peetah was the issue only because of the name of the file ?
  111. emus 😇 Thanks to Zash! who is not here
  112. emus peetah: I think so, but he redeployed somehow
  113. emus maybe that did it aswell
  114. peetah then thanks Zash as well
  115. emus jcbrand: Board said we can go on with the jobs website, like linking it from the xsf site
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  126. Licaon_Kter Was the new blog announced in the newsletter back in January? Anyway https://pidgin.im/posts/2020-06-2.14.0-released/ and a 2.14.1 fixup
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  148. emus 😨️
  149. emus We should mention it, even if its very late
  150. emus If you are motivate you can create pull request to the current Newsletter with a short summary on the content?
  151. emus If you are motivated you can create pull request to the current Newsletter with a short summary on the content?
  152. emus there is acutally: https://pidgin.im/posts/2020-06-2.14.1-released/
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