XSF Communications Team - 2020-06-28

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  44. wurstsalat

    newsletter question: should a gajim dev post go in the "Articles" section or rather in a separate "News" section ?

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  49. wurstsalat

    peetah ?

  50. peetah

    Depending on the topic, I'd say it goes in the "what's new with dev teams" section we talked about earlier

  51. wurstsalat

    okay, I’ll add one then

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  58. emus

    peetah, wurstsalat: Hi guys, just seeing the PR. Do you think that section is really necessary. Now I actually understand your change request. I mean, we have new software + clients and applications. I would then maybe only agree to have a Development section. But actually I prefer to keep it not to separated? What do you think?

  59. wurstsalat

    I think a blog post of any kind is pretty close to an article

  60. wurstsalat

    articles can be about development, too. you can have in-depth blog posts, or just announcement blog posts.

  61. wurstsalat

    not sure if we should draw a line somewhere or if we should just try to find a headline which fits most

  62. emus

    If you think that is more an article than a blog post you can just drop it to the article section and explaing that they had a developer report or something like this. I would not be so 100% strict about categorization. Just lets do what suits best and its fine

  63. emus

    makes sense?

  64. wurstsalat


  65. wurstsalat

    for me it would be OK to file that blog post under # Articles. what do you think, peetah ?

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  75. peetah

    The blog post you propose to include is about what has been done since last report about a XMPP related softaware and should be considered as a step leading to the next release of this software

  76. peetah

    It is exactly what I called a "what's new with dev teams" type of content , though I was giving this section name as an example, not necessarily as it should be put in the newsletter ;)

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  78. peetah

    To me, articles type of content are more about presentations of XMPP related software by third parties which are not the authors of said software, proposition of XMPP evolution, arguments about XMPP current status, rants about what's happening in the XMPP ecosystem... anything but specific dev stuff

  79. peetah

    My point is that dev report and releases are part of the same workflow and should be grouped one way or another

  80. peetah

    so maybe the solution would be to rename software releases into software news so that we could include dev reports and software releases in the same sub sections

  81. peetah

    emus, wurstsalat : ^

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  85. pep.

    where have goffi reports been included all this time?

  86. peetah

    pep.: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/search?q=Goffi&unscoped_q=Goffi

  87. peetah

    I don't know if each of them have bee included, but they certainly should be

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