XSF Communications Team - 2020-07-02

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  31. emus DebXWoody: but I can be encouraged by PRs
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  36. emus Hello everyone, tonight I am trying to set the Newsletter Draft to review. So if you have anything to add or mention, please consider rather today then the next days. I would like to close to release by Sunday (5th). Then everyone should have been able to review and can go on with translations, social media posts etc.
  37. emus Also: are there any open PRs which haven't been merged yet?
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  40. Martin Profanity released a 0.9.5 yesterday.
  41. peetah don't know if DebXWoody or someone else added it already, but profanity released 0.9.5
  42. peetah :)
  43. Martin Maybe someone can add it, I am not at my computer today.
  44. emus Martin: ok, but thats july
  45. Martin He, true.
  46. peetah emus: that's border line june :)
  47. emus Please only June topic for now
  48. emus yes, but is okay, we will put that to the next one
  49. emus But if you create a PR and just sneak it in, I might dont see it 😋
  50. emus Yeah, but to be honest. lets just try keep it separated
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  54. wurstsalat emus, since it’s july already, you could also open a new PR :)
  55. jcbrand I'm sorry everyone but I forgot to put xmpp.work into the newsletter, did someone perhaps do that already?
  56. wurstsalat jcbrand, it’s mentioned already
  57. jcbrand Great, thanks
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  59. emus wurstsalat: Yes I knew, hadnt had time yet
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  93. emus Hi mdosch - 22 days ago 😀 you wrote in the Draft: "s/fix/fixes"
  94. emus What do you meant to do?
  95. emus peetah - would you mind to write short line on this? My french was back in school 🙈️
  96. emus "Journal : Quicksy la messagerie instantanée libre basée sur XMPP facile" Means: "Journal: Quicksy the free instant messagingbased on easy XMPP" https://linuxfr.org/users/space_e_man/journaux/quicksy-la-messagerie-instantanee-libre-basee-sur-xmpp-facile
  97. peetah ok
  98. emus cool, thanks. you can just drop it here
  99. emus if that is easier for you
  100. Martin > Hi mdosch - 22 days ago 😀 you wrote in the Draft: "s/fix/fixes" > What do you meant to do? Probably somewhere was written fix instead of fixes. No idea, maybe I fixed it already.
  101. emus will search for it
  102. emus got it
  103. emus about profanity: I think there are so much releases for the June - we will add July's ones to July
  104. emus okay?
  105. emus wurstsalat - the XEP section is complete? thank you very much for this summaries!
  106. wurstsalat emus, yes, I think so
  107. emus Alright.
  108. emus peetah I see you typing all the time - you don't need to put a lot efforts in this or big text - not that I don't want it but just to keep work low for you
  109. peetah Linuxfr.org user Space_e_man proposed his short overview of [Quicksy the easy XMPP based libre instant messaging platform](https://linuxfr.org/users/space_e_man/journaux/quicksy-la-messagerie-instantanee-libre-basee-sur-xmpp-facile). While the article itself concentrates on the reasons why it should be prefered to other proprietary solutions, the comments of linuxfr.org users, as usual, bring a lot of various points of view, as well as alternatives.
  110. peetah I type anytime and whatever I want, you lurker ! ;)
  111. Licaon_Kter peetah: points of view full of FUD lol https://linuxfr.org/users/space_e_man/journaux/quicksy-la-messagerie-instantanee-libre-basee-sur-xmpp-facile#comment-1816041 Nobody corrected them..yeah...great...
  112. emus > I type anytime and whatever I want, you lurker ! 😉
  113. emus 😂️
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  115. emus Thank you!
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  117. emus guys, shall I add ignites openfire beta and smack alpha release? I guess not, right?
  118. emus or only the beta announcement?
  119. peetah beta and alpha need to announced to bring testers
  120. peetah beta and alpha need to be announced to bring testers
  121. emus okay, but I'm not sure if we shall mentional all alpha and beta releases in general 🤔️
  122. wurstsalat why not beta? for gajim this was ok
  123. emus I keep this for the beta only okay?
  124. emus yes ^
  125. emus ok
  126. peetah fine
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  131. emus Ready for review - I forgot all you contributors by now - will do that - but if anyone is happy and quicker to do so you are welcome! https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/714
  132. pep. Licaon_Kter, quicksy has OMEMO enabled by default right? Just like C
  133. pep. I'm considering replying
  134. pep. (Why am I even doing this..)
  135. peetah masochistic tendencies ?
  136. pep. I guess so
  137. peetah Licaon_Kter: you are pointing a comment that is not even XMPP related right ?
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  141. peetah ah no, the one answering the one you are pointing is about quicksy vs signal
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  144. pep. ugh this quicksy thread.. It's a pain to read as somebody who knows how it's done. They see that as yet-another-messaging-app, which.. is fine because that's what devs are trying to do somewhat now, but that has the disadvantage that people trying to look for alternatives won't even look at Conversations after complaining about Quicksy fetching Contact details
  145. pep. (that's the whole point!)
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  163. Martin pep.: As I see movim is also mentioned there so it seems they got the link between quicksy and xmpp. But I'm only guessing as it is frencrypted.
  164. emus Tbh I don`t wonder they dont get the full picture
  165. pep. as it's frencrypted?
  166. emus No, as its hard to understand xmpp (universe) if you havent heard about it I think
  167. Martin Not everybody needs the full picture. If some are happy with quicksy as it is it's good enough for the happy nerd who can contact them from his full XMPP picture.
  168. emus understand and see
  169. pep. emus, yeah that's not exactly what I'm trying to say
  170. emus Martin: Sure, rather a general point
  171. emus pep.: ok, nevermind. was just saying in general
  172. pep. Trying to get away from advertising XMPP isn't bad, but then it's fun to see that people will recommend "Jami" because it's fully open-source and doesn't read your contacts, instead of "Conversations" which is quicksy but different
  173. Martin Ok, that's indeed not what I have in mind when I say stuff like quicksy which is hiding the xmpp complexity from users os a good thong for some target groups. 😐
  174. emus but what I said is actually a legit point in my view in general. Yesterday a friend was claiming how much she hates monal and xmpp - bonus: it was just my server having an issue telling her "remote server error" my friends also say that conversations does work for one friend... who uses Monal 😅
  175. emus but what I said is actually a legit point in my view in general. Yesterday a friend was claiming how much she hates monal and xmpp - bonus: it was just my server actually having an issue telling her "remote server error" my friends also say that conversations does work for one friend... who uses Monal 😅
  176. Martin People are so used to service=provider=app in im whereas they understand email with different providers and clients.
  177. Martin Sometimes I wonder what we did wrong to reach this point. Probably the point where people started using im on Smartphones and xmpp was not yet ready there. Smartphones brought a lot of people to im who previously didn't chat at the computer.
  178. emus I know, thats what I am critizing
  179. pep. Ok I answered.. I should have done that saturday because tomorrow (friday) is when people get all in, on this website
  180. emus Martin: and actually what I would like to change
  181. Martin That's pretty difficult now due to the network effect. Why should I use this where only you are? You better install WhatsApp where everyone else is. 🤮
  182. emus I know, but there is potential in my view
  183. Martin Hope you have some good ideas. 😃
  184. emus 🙂
  185. Licaon_Kter pep.: omemo was "on by default" at launch...but...it was switched to Always at one point.
  186. pep. yeah so from a user standpoint it's the same if they don't touch anything
  187. Licaon_Kter pep.: yes, secure by default, files too. The "send encrypted omemo message" hint has some reassuring...but....somehow then you'd just do an 180 and..."I guess files are not encrypted?!??!?" Not the first time I see such a comment, not sure why.
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