XSF Communications Team - 2020-07-04

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  28. emus Everyone just be reminded to review the newsletter draft. Two reviewers would be nice to have!
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  35. vanitasvitae Just glanced over it
  36. vanitasvitae Mostly looking good to me :)
  37. emus ok thanks!
  38. pep. reading now
  39. emus cool
  40. pep. The "# Help us build the newsletter" section hasn't changed for a few revisions?
  41. pep. Just curious because I'd change some things in the wording, but then I'm no native either
  42. Martin Germans and french discussing English wording. 😁
  43. Martin Maybe MattJ as native can help.
  44. pep. Maybe someday we can revisit the idea of that marketing person :x
  45. Martin Didn't the xsf started to look into contracting someone.
  46. Martin Didn't the xsf started to look into contracting someone?
  47. pep. It's on hold waiting for commteam to decide what they want
  48. pep. (or don't)
  49. pep. Most of my comments are pending native review really :x
  50. emus pep.: Sorry, I actually try to copy reviewed pieces in general
  51. pep. ok
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  53. emus Thanks for reviewing guys
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  128. emus Hello dear Newsletter helpers, I created this sketch as orientation for everyone. We can discuss details of course. I hope this helps for future version. Would be cool if we keep that in a continuous manner. Good night everyone - haha its perfectly 12 am at my place - spooky time! 👻️
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  130. emus https://jabbers.one:5281/upload/JKbtuFDzdbbcGx3y/XMPP%20Newsletter%20Timeline.png
  131. emus Okay - we are already late with the create. But I wanted to create this draft first
  132. emus Okay - we are already late with the creation. But I wanted to create this draft first
  133. pep. :)
  134. emus I take it that you like it?
  135. pep. I'm not contributing much really, but it looks good.
  136. pep. At least there's a plan :)
  137. emus 📝️⏱️📅️
  138. emus ouh shit
  139. emus fuck
  140. emus I clicked merge not draft PR -.-
  141. pep. :D
  142. pep. You can revert if you want
  143. emus how?
  144. pep. I don't know if you can do that via the inteface
  145. emus I need to use git?
  146. pep. I can do it here if you want
  147. emus ok
  148. emus yeah, already looking
  149. pep. hmm there's no merge commit? :/
  150. emus xmpp.org? it is
  151. pep. I merge there is now separate merge commit in the history it seems
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  153. emus Hmm, what shall I do now? best would be to just transfer this into a draft PR, but I think its not possible this way
  154. pep. Ahh, the thing for august
  155. pep. Ok it's just the last commit?
  156. emus wait
  157. emus is it possible to keep that content?
  158. emus I mean just move it into a PR?
  159. pep. Move it into a PR I don't think so
  160. emus yes its jsut the last commit I think
  161. pep. Ok I reverted. You can still go one commit before to get that content
  162. emus Thank you. yeah I know, but Copy paste not just possible due to mark down does weird stuff. But okay, my fault
  163. pep. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xsf/xmpp.org/328aa6049a233e1926e6d0156168c7aedc9edb94/content/posts/newsletter/2020-08-06.md ?
  164. emus Luckily pelican did not run that thing
  165. emus ahh thank, I forgot that view - wait lets see if pasting works
  166. pep. https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/commit/328aa6049a233e1926e6d0156168c7aedc9edb94 < From the commit -> hamburger menu -> view file -> raw
  167. emus like a charm - yes the raw view - I remember ❤️
  168. pep. fwiw, the revert operation was straightforward even with git. `git pull -r` (get the local copy up-to-date), `git log -5` (show the n last commits), copy the faulty commit, `git revert 328aa6049a233e1926e6d0156168c7aedc9edb94`, and then git push
  169. emus thank you very much - I havent clone the repo yet - so thanks!
  170. emus Et voila: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/730
  171. emus The new months draft
  172. emus @all
  173. emus Good night guys - one more review would be nice for July, then I can fire the merge rocket 🚀️
  174. pep. night
  175. Licaon_Kter 👍️
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