XSF Communications Team - 2020-07-05

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  80. peetah

    I will have a look some times before the end of today

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  89. emus

    okay, is fine

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  143. peetah

    currently reviewing july newsletter: should'nt the images be hosted on xsf github accounts ?

  144. peetah

    I remember we decided to store them in content/images and I propose that we create a directory for each newsletter (i.e. july2020) and store the newsletter image in this directory

  145. peetah

    then they are refered like this in the newsletter: [profanity 0.9 screenshots](content/images/july2020/ "profanity 0.9")

  146. peetah

    then they are refered like this in the newsletter: [profanity 0.9 screenshots](content/images/july2020/profanity09.jpg "profanity 0.9")

  147. peetah

    then they are refered like this in the newsletter: [profanity 0.9 screenshots](/images/july2020/profanity09.jpg "profanity 0.9")

  148. peetah

    then they are refered like this in the newsletter: [profanity 0.9 screenshots](/images/newsletters/july2020/profanity09.jpg "profanity 0.9")

  149. peetah

    I correct: images could be stored in /content/images/newsletters/<monthYYY>/

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  156. peetah

    this way pelican should deal with it automatically, but I don't know about the emailed newsletter and others ways of publication

  157. peetah

    emus: ^

  158. emus

    I have no clue tbh

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  162. DebXWoody

    peetah: Markdown format for images it '![Alt Text](URL)' Alt Text will be displayed, if your browser do not support images.

  163. DebXWoody

    peetah: Markdown format for images is '![Alt Text](URL)' Alt Text will be displayed, if your browser do not support images.

  164. peetah

    DebXWoody: right, I missed the '!', but I'm pretty sure the text between double-quotes inside the parenthesis is the one used as the image title when you hover it

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  167. DebXWoody

    peetah: Ah, right. https://nl.movim.eu/?blog/debxwoody%40movim.eu/182ed65c-c0cc-498e-a8d3-7b24bf60f9f0 this is like '![Test](https://codeberg.org/xmpp-messenger/eagle/wiki/raw/img/eagle/Screenshot_Addressbook_abook.png "ABC")'

  168. DebXWoody

    hover,.. Neumodischer Schnickschnack :-)

  169. peetah

    ya mein herr, whatever you said :)

  170. emus


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  172. DebXWoody

    BTW, I like the idea of https://planet.debian.org/ this is a feed aggregator.

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  175. Licaon_Kter

    DebXWoody: there's one for XMPP too...

  176. emus

    Planet Jabber

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  180. DebXWoody

    Ah, on jabber.org

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  187. emus

    peetah - I have no clue how to do the picutre situation right now. There are claims to provoke high traffic to website for the direct links. There are claims that we should not bloat the XSF repository. However, I prefer to keep our responsiblity on our side. And its not that we have many MB of data each time. I think it would be best to keep it at XSF as you said. To keep the data low we can reduce the number of pictures to 2. What do you think. But I would like to do that to the next version as I want to talk to the iTeam first on this

  188. emus

    ralphm: Hello ralph, may I have administrator rights? I want to edit the MUC description for each newsletter.

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  191. emus

    Another question: There are a bunch of open PRs in the xmpp.org repo - https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pulls Shall we consider to act on those from our side? SouL?

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  195. peetah

    The picture situation has already been discussed several times. From my understanding, as jcbrand suggested, it was considered a better solution to keep images in the xsf control, and as verified with Nÿco , technically it is already feasible on the pelican side

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  197. emus


  198. emus

    Will try tomorrow. You can also PR if you want

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