XSF Communications Team - 2020-07-09

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  21. peetah the newsletter made it to HackerNews: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23775577
  22. pep. HN gonna HN.. “XMPP doesn't "work"”
  23. pep. and then it's back on why XMPP isn't popular or doomed etc. /me closes the page
  24. peetah is Nyco the only member of the CommTeam able to email the newsletter ?
  25. peetah is Nÿco the only member of the CommTeam able to email the newsletter ?
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  27. Martin lol HN > It's not as "easy" as running an email server and no one wants to do that either. I find setting up a decent email server is a lot more complicated than running an xmppd.
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  29. SouL peetah, jcbrand too
  30. peetah SouL: and none of them seems available for the moment :(
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  32. emus Martin: Maybe thats a good suggestion for an article. If there are so many myths about XMPP
  33. emus I would do it if one would provide the credidentials to mw
  34. emus I would do it if one would provide the credidentials to me
  35. pep. There was the homebrewserverclub tutorial that was good (and got a prosody team stamp :p)
  36. emus I think we should publish continiously to that community
  37. Martin Maybe jcbrand can share his experiences: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23777472
  38. emus I think he did alreafy
  39. emus Ah ok
  40. emus nevermind
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  47. alkino hello, I come to discuss with peace of the newletters
  48. alkino as the news are in a lot of different languages, do you think it is possible to make a short description of them in the news?
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  50. vanitasvitae alkino: a short description of the languages?
  51. vanitasvitae Or what do you mean?
  52. alkino a short description of the news / video linked
  53. Martin emus: jcbrand is asking for your jid to send you credentials
  54. alkino in the main news
  55. jcbrand emus: my JID is jc@opkode.com
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  57. emus Martin: Thanks!
  58. emus alkino: We actually try to summarize shortly. However, we often dont speak the language ourselves 😐 So you might need to use a translator software or ask someone for help. However, we are happy to have new contributors to helpout with this
  59. alkino I will stick here, if you got french news, ask me
  60. vanitasvitae 👍
  61. emus alkino: Cool! Feel free to review our draft PR on github as well
  62. alkino send it to me? for the moment I only read the french translation
  63. emus alkino: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/730
  64. alkino thx
  65. emus Thank *you*!
  66. alkino `Everyone participating, please just don't drop links - rather try to make a short and decent formulated description what is the main outcome of your source`
  67. alkino ahah
  68. emus we mean plain links without anything. Be we also dont want very long texts I think (do we not?)
  69. vanitasvitae By the way in that paragraph, you should swap "just" and "don't"
  70. emus yep
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  72. alkino @emus, I know, you have to keep it really short, but sometimes, you don't know what the video / link is about, and you have to use a translator for it, I guess if you're not really in XMPP you won't do that
  73. emus But with what article/video summary did you not have been happy with?
  74. Licaon_Kter alkino: is this about not being able to read English but don't want to use translator?
  75. emus Is fine Licaon_Kter
  76. pep. Licaon_Kter, I can understand it's a bit frustrating being told "Hey there's this article here, go figure it out yourself" (somewhat)
  77. alkino pep : +1
  78. alkino my english is bad
  79. alkino if you have a short description, I can decide to - not read because I don't care, - read the summary of the article because I care a bit - read the whole article with a translator because the topic looks really cool!
  80. Licaon_Kter pep.: right...plenty of those is German around this ecosystem, so I do as expected....find a way to translate
  81. Licaon_Kter alkino: translate the whole letter text then...
  82. Licaon_Kter You can usually feed the link directly
  83. Licaon_Kter Eg. Not on deepl.com but translate.google or .bing
  84. alkino yes, but if there is 10 obscure links, of course I will not do
  85. alkino often I translate the third first that looks interestring to me, and I don't translate following
  86. alkino it depends on how many time I want to spend on XMPP newsletter
  87. alkino do you understand my point of view?
  88. Licaon_Kter alkino: are we lost in translation? I just said I do
  89. alkino ok, I'm lost on translation, possibly ^^
  90. Licaon_Kter > right...plenty of those is German around this ecosystem, so I do as expected....find a way to translate alkino: ^^^^
  91. alkino what I understand about your point of view is "you could translate all links and read them all"
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  94. Licaon_Kter Yes, else I'd find it odd to scroll 4-5 summaries for each entry. Also, it takes time to translate and as you can see the montly newsletters has odd releases skipping months :)
  95. Licaon_Kter alkino: are there translations in your language, or your native one is not DE or FR or SP?
  96. alkino my native one is FR
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  98. Licaon_Kter Ok, then wait for that team to finish it. Here, read this in the mean time: https://cnnumerique.fr/Interoperabilite_Concurrence_Etude ;)
  99. emus alkino: Yes, that is actually the point. We have a continiuos assembly for the French version. I would ask people to head and wait for the translations. Isnt that the best outcome?
  100. alkino yes
  101. emus I think peetah and supporters are doing a good job with that
  102. emus alkino: But you are invited to make contributions to the current and upcoming releases!
  103. alkino I will ^^
  104. alkino discretely adding description when I feel the need :p
  105. alkino peer review will do the rest
  106. alkino I subscribed to the PR, I will miss nothing :p
  107. emus 👍