XSF Communications Team - 2020-07-10

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  15. peetah

    I have comments from readers concerning the opacity of the newsletter from simple XMPP users: I propose that we try to care wrapping each newsletter info in a user centric view, focusing on how such info may impact or not a reader that would be a simple user

  16. emus

    Interesting, I thought only people who know xmpp read it

  17. peetah

    since linuxfr is a generalist open source oriented website, it brings all kind of people, from the most basic user to the hardcore developer

  18. peetah

    not the same audience than xmmp.org

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  20. peetah

    do we have an idea of all the places where the newsletter is published ? I'm aware of emailing, xmpp.org, linuxfr.org, jabberfr.org , the german site where you publish the german translation ...

  21. peetah

    then it is advertised on social networks

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  24. peetah

    did we do the social network thing for this last newsletter ?

  25. emus

    I cannot do the translastions atm 😐 Helpers welcome I think it is a good point to consider making extra statements for non-xmpp people. but I would not expand the efforts at the moment. I can imagine to put an "Introduction to XMPP"/Newcomer link, but I wonder if we have the ressources for this

  26. emus

    peetah: We basically publish on social networks, but I dont have the access to twitter mastadon

  27. Licaon_Kter

    peetah: not sure I get it, they care about clients right? _"this client had updates"_ Ok But you want to explain XEPs? Why?

  28. peetah

    they want the newsletter to clearly state, when possible, how such changes, whether in clients or in XEPs, could impact a simple XMPP user

  29. peetah

    a kind of "Too Complex; Did'nt read" or "XMPP for noobs" additional line for each info

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  31. emus

    Was there a sentence or phrase as a typical example what thet dont get?

  32. peetah

    in previous newsletters, there were an abstract explaining what each cited XEP was about and I think we should put that back rather than just link to the official XEP

  33. emus

    I mean usually we describe changes to a software, that is usually "impact" to the users

  34. peetah

    in june 9th newsletter the part about <rtcp-mux/> for example

  35. emus

    Okay, but I think this passage is for developers. It has few impact to users normally I think

  36. peetah

    it's here for expert to understand, but does it have any impact for a simple user

  37. peetah

    it is not stated anywhere

  38. Licaon_Kter

    XEPs don't have an impact until implemented, when they are... see "Clients" section.

  39. emus

    I would be okay to add a sentence saying what the section is for

  40. peetah

    Licaon_Kter: we all know that in this room, but we are talking from a simple user perspective here

  41. Licaon_Kter

    You keep saying "simple user" but asking for stuff not meant for that user.

  42. peetah

    for these users who may care to expand their understanding of the XMPP environment, it is a good idea to fill this gap in the newsletter

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  44. Licaon_Kter

    peetah: no, they should RTFM for the backstory...

  45. Licaon_Kter

    Why you'd use the newsletter for what xmpp.org (should) cover?

  46. Licaon_Kter

    Also, the introduction section for a XEP has info too.

  47. peetah

    because the newsletter is a communication tool to attract more people who could understand and contribute to XMPP

  48. Licaon_Kter

    But simple users can't YET understand.p.

  49. peetah

    if you don't make the effort to explain, they won't

  50. emus

    I see the problem, I wonder if the newsletter is the correct place for those people 🤔

  51. emus

    Actually the XSF rather refuses to focus on endusers (which is not my personal view)

  52. Licaon_Kter

    > Actually the XSF rather refuses to focus on endusers (which is not my personal view) That's another story....solved...not on the newsletter :)

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  55. peetah

    happy to read any other participant willing to share their thoughts on the matter !

  56. peetah

    happy to read any other participants willing to share their thoughts on the matter !

  57. emus

    Licaon_Kter: I see you point - but honestly its not that we cannot put news which are interesting for newcommers aswell

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  62. Licaon_Kter

    emus: this is not about the news but about adding more description, checking more description, etc. But yeah....as you see fit.

  63. emus


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  74. peetah

    is there text stating clearly what is the goal and the target audience of the XMPP newsletter ?

  75. emus

    No, but sofar the target are more developers or inside people, that those who are new to the network. (as said not my opinion). But I also dont see how we can manage newcomers with a newsletter and also how if we talk about XEPs

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  77. peetah

    here what I propose: I'll try to work something around the each news added for the next newsletter, and let's discuss how it goes then so that we decide if it is kept or not

  78. peetah

    here what I propose: I'll try to work something around each news added for the next newsletter, and let's discuss how it goes then so that we decide if it is kept or not

  79. emus

    Okay yes should be fine, lets see

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  110. peetah

    emus : are you automatically pinged when a PR is added to the xsf repo or should we not forget to mention you in each PR as I did not do right now ?

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  118. emus

    Please always ping me. but by time I check myself

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  126. peetah

    does anyone know of document that lists clients/servers/libraries supporting a given XEP ?

  127. peetah

    does anyone know of a document or website that lists clients/servers/libraries supporting a given XEP ?

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  129. emus

    The Conversations XMPP Compliance tester? there is also a Listing from.the German Datenschutzhelden

  130. Licaon_Kter

    emus: i think peetah wants per software, not per server

  131. Licaon_Kter

    Neustradamus (sp?) keeps spamming all the projects to include such a list, but...meh

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