XSF Communications Team - 2020-07-26

  1. pep.

    I cleaned up merged branches in the repo, it's slightly more pleasant to see now :x

  2. emus

    Ok cool, but I dont understand 😅 is there a PR?

  3. pep.

    not for that no

  4. pep.

    There's a PR for you though :)

  5. emus

    But what were you changes I would like to see, sounds good!

  6. pep.

    was that a question?

  7. pep.


  8. emus

    Yes, all good, will check

  9. emus

    Everything merged so far. I wonder if we should start limiting text section by length

  10. emus

    pep.: you meant you were deleteting old ones?

  11. pep.

    old merged branches yes

  12. emus

    I hope you dont deleted ones of the open PRs 😁

  13. pep.

    nah, it shows you "merged" "open" "closed", etc.

  14. emus

    ah okay