XSF Communications Team - 2020-07-28

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  15. wurstsalat emus: not me :)
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  20. DarkiJah Pix-Art Rocks!
  21. DarkiJah Best client for Birdie
  22. Licaon_Kter DarkiJah: stop it
  23. DarkiJah Licaon_Kter: But it is the best Client for Birdie! :)
  24. DarkiJah Putting some more sanity into conversations for some userbility for the user.
  25. DarkiJah Pix-Art in a nut shell.
  26. DarkiJah Conversations should adopt some of the ideas of Chris I think.
  27. DarkiJah Anyway both are great and stable clients - Rock solid for Birdie.
  28. DarkiJah But Pix-Art just has an edge on sane userbility.
  29. SouL DarkiJah: what are the differences?
  30. DarkiJah SouL: try it out and you will see :)
  31. DarkiJah Enough differences that you should notice the sharper edge of Pix-Art.
  32. DarkiJah Even if it is a Fork it has enough things to make it is own.
  33. DarkiJah SouL: if you like Conversations you should come to love Pix-Art
  34. DarkiJah You want the channel info? Push the channel name... Thats one.
  35. DarkiJah Wanna ban a user quick or see the picture push on the image for a menu or your own.
  36. DarkiJah For your own profile info.
  37. DarkiJah Name above the msg and not below.
  38. DarkiJah Things of that nature - SouL
  39. DarkiJah Name coloring.
  40. DarkiJah Sending of files and microphone in a smart way easy at hand.
  41. DarkiJah https://share.conversations.im/darkijahu/LFTBy4EKHeO0I4Cw/Screenshot_2020-07-28-09-42-34.png
  42. DarkiJah And when writing turn to a send icon
  43. DarkiJah Like
  44. DarkiJah This ----->
  45. DarkiJah https://share.conversations.im/darkijahu/Jl37zl6sLYrJ5JqY/Screenshot_2020-07-28-09-43-09.png
  46. DarkiJah https://share.conversations.im/darkijahu/PZIMGeQsR08nav7q/Screenshot_2020-07-28-09-44-38.png
  47. DarkiJah https://share.conversations.im/darkijahu/BNvkeWWE1FdMfJlN/Screenshot_2020-07-28-09-44-54.png
  48. DarkiJah Options sorted in "folder"
  49. DarkiJah https://share.conversations.im/darkijahu/dDUw20mSUIbUBBwC/Screenshot_2020-07-28-09-46-09.png
  50. DarkiJah SouL: so very much a like and yet difference and Pix-Art take the price.
  51. DarkiJah https://share.conversations.im/darkijahu/riRyEEc8RfGVyAJB/Screenshot_2020-07-28-09-47-51.png
  52. DarkiJah Easy quick and just close to your fingertips :)
  53. Licaon_Kter DarkiJah: effing stop
  54. peetah DarkiJah: what you're doing is close to spam; if you want to be useful, write a blog post about Pix Art that could be linked in the newsletter, or contribute a PR about the last released 2.5.x versions
  55. DarkiJah peetah: https://JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life/Birdie.php I'm on it :)
  56. DarkiJah peetah: https://JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life/birdie.php I'm on it :)
  57. DarkiJah Small b in Birdie. My bad.
  58. DarkiJah https://jesusisgodalmighty.life/birdie.php
  59. Martin Was there an agreement to call xmpp birdie?
  60. peetah oh, did not see that you were *that* DarkiJah … I, for sure, won't include a link to a proselytist web site in the newsletter
  61. DarkiJah Martin: well... I think it is the way to go, I will go with it and see if something can come out of it so we can get some more people on this platform :)
  62. DarkiJah peetah: no worries, no one forces you to do anything. But I'm waiting for converse 7 for the website and then need to make a newbie manual for getting started quickly.
  63. DarkiJah Need to figure out what server to recommend as well for user account.
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  65. DarkiJah Need more experience and Data points on that.
  66. DarkiJah peetah: I think I'm the only DarkiJah on the internet you know :)
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  68. emus DarkiJah: Please stick to topic related content.
  69. vanitasvitae Martin, no there was no such agreement. And I doubt there will be.
  70. pep. There is no agreement anyway
  71. vanitasvitae yeah
  72. pep. People use whatever they want. Some use Jabber, some use XMPP, some use Jabber/XMPP, some use zimpy, some use birdie
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  74. vanitasvitae *one uses birdie 😛
  75. pep. Sure. Not that I'm defending this one, but it's the same :)
  76. Licaon_Kter He's just spamming all channels with this made up "better than xmpp" name that he mindstormed one day on another channel.
  77. vanitasvitae peetah, do you still need a few words for the XEP-0420 changes?
  78. pep. Licaon_Kter, just ignore it..
  79. peetah vanitasvitae: yes please, I would like to understand how each items of the update log have an impact on clients, servers and/or simple users
  80. vanitasvitae well, given that nobody is implementing 0420 yet... 😛
  81. pep. peetah, probably "not" at the moment
  82. vanitasvitae One change allows for increased entropy when using random padding, which should marginally increase security.
  83. vanitasvitae Another modification corrects the definition of which elements are allowed/forbidden inside the encrypted payload. The earlier definition was wrong, so this is more a "bugfix" 😛
  84. vanitasvitae (this was about the first line about origin-id elements)
  85. vanitasvitae So those are very minor changes altogether.
  86. peetah the idea is to make this section less cryptic for newcomers, so that they do not feel the newsletter is only for hardcore devs
  87. peetah ok so it is very much a WIP for now
  88. peetah but these info already makes this update more end-user friendly
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  90. peetah thanks vanitasvitae
  91. vanitasvitae Basically it boils down to "0.3.0 of XEP-0420 made some changes to the guidelines of which elements are allowed/denied to be encrypted. There also has been a change that should marginally increase security by increasing the entropy of random padding elements."
  92. Licaon_Kter vanitasvitae: 👍
  93. DarkiJah > vanitasvitae wrote: > *one uses birdie 😛 For now :)
  94. DarkiJah > Licaon_Kter wrote: > He's just spamming all channels with this made up "better than xmpp" name that he mindstormed one day on another channel. XMPP name is utter terrible and catesthrophic... Really... I'm far from the only one who points it out guys.
  95. pep. Because it's not the point. Users don't have to hear about "XMPP"
  96. vanitasvitae Same goes for SMTP or HTTP
  97. vanitasvitae yet everyone uses it happily
  98. DarkiJah https://share.conversations.im/darkijahu/KBfm2MfoLDo6Wp6P/Screenshot_2020-07-28-11-01-20.png
  99. DarkiJah pep.: if we want the platform to/grow and more programmers I would think we would ;)
  100. pep. Who's "we"?
  101. pep. (both of them)
  102. DarkiJah pep.: the whole of things.
  103. pep. Maybe define your target and them come back to me
  104. DarkiJah Target all the world?
  105. DarkiJah Target - all the world?
  106. pep. Right
  107. emus DarkiJah: Offtopic, please go to another channel for general discussions
  108. DarkiJah Everybody who likes some freedom from big criminal companies who wants to be free of them smelling there asses and jailing them in! Free as a Birdie - Get on Sending Birds!
  109. DarkiJah Everybody who likes some freedom from big criminal companies who wants to be free of them smelling their asses and jailing them in! Free as a Birdie - Get on Sending Birds!
  110. DarkiJah emus: thats the thing not that many arround in English. We need to extract more people and make them aware of this wonderful platform.
  111. DarkiJah Anyway I'll take a break.
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  113. peetah emus: I think that, after review by someone else, my PR is ready to be merged
  114. vanitasvitae emus, in the description of #730 it is stated that "You don't need a command-line tool or any knowledge of git to commit your changes. Just add your comment as follows: Click the Files changed ribbon, then the three dots on the top right, then Edit file."
  115. vanitasvitae however, this option is probably disabled for many (it is for me at least)
  116. vanitasvitae I guess it is enabled for you because you have write access to the repo.
  117. Licaon_Kter vanitasvitae: are you on MASTER?
  118. Licaon_Kter Left side upper part?
  119. Licaon_Kter You don't need write access as it first clones it for you then it edits
  120. vanitasvitae Licaon_Kter, I was here: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/730/files
  121. vanitasvitae I know how to create PRs, just want to note that the tips in the PRs description might not work for anybody
  122. Licaon_Kter I understood...
  123. Licaon_Kter "...then view file and then finally Edit"
  124. Licaon_Kter "...then View file and then finally Edit"
  125. Licaon_Kter "...then View file and then finally Edit by clicking the pencil icon."
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  127. vanitasvitae "you must be on a branch to..."
  128. Licaon_Kter Branch? I just followed your link
  129. Licaon_Kter It creates a branch after the edit
  130. emus vanitasvitae, Licaon_Kter: Okay, then I maybe just tell them to create an issue, or drop their info here. I dont want to hurdle people too much.
  131. emus vanitasvitae: Can you make an issue an link me for reminding?
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  162. peetah wurstsalat: the last PR IO submitted proposes to remove the various authors of the XEP changelogs, since it is not informative for anyone outside of the XEP contribution process
  163. peetah do you think this is an issue ?
  164. peetah do you have any objection ?
  165. wurstsalat peetah, I’m alright with that!
  166. peetah fine, thanks
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  169. wurstsalat Guus, if you find the time, a review of https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/743 would be much appreciated. I’d be willing to do more work following that :)
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  172. vanitasvitae emus, I created an issue for the description and also another PR for jxmpp 🙂 https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/752
  173. emus vanitasvitae: Thank you, I saw the email already 👍
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  181. Guus wurstsalat: merge it, deploy it, roll back in case of issues?
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  183. Guus I'm on holiday, don't know when I will pull out the laptop. Downloading large binaries might be a no-no on this camping park
  184. wurstsalat Guus, enjoy your holiday! Merging that PR would need a pelican update as well, so I’ll wait until this can be tested properly :)
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  204. emus So everyone, be reminded that the Review Phase starts at the 1st of August, closing by 3rd for final review. Still, if you could provide "your" missing information by end of July that would be great!
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