XSF Communications Team - 2020-07-29

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  41. emus

    peetah: Why have suggest to delete SaT?

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  43. emus

    peetah: Why have suggested to delete SaT?

  44. peetah

    because it was a more than one year old news that I mistook for one of last june

  45. peetah

    goffi told me that he was going to update SàT website with a new theme before the end of the month, but as I don't see anything coming, I'd rather remove it

  46. peetah

    if the website is updated then we could add this news and update it consequently

  47. peetah

    if the website is updated then we could add this news back and update it consequently

  48. peetah

    if someone as the time, atalk android client released several 2.3.x versions (https://github.com/cmeng-git/atalk-android/blob/master/aTalk/ReleaseNotes.txt)

  49. peetah

    if someone has the time, atalk android client released several 2.3.x versions (https://github.com/cmeng-git/atalk-android/blob/master/aTalk/ReleaseNotes.txt)

  50. peetah

    Conversations also released minor versions

  51. peetah

    Kontalk messenger released v4.4.0 (https://www.kontalk.org/)

  52. peetah

    sorry for dropping links, but I don't have today to do more digging

  53. peetah

    sorry for dropping links, but I don't have time today to do more digging

  54. emus

    Is fine, thanks

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