XSF Communications Team - 2020-08-02

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  17. vanitasvitae For the next issue: https://discourse.igniterealtime.org/t/jsxc-web-client-now-available-as-a-plugin-for-openfire/88467
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  21. emus Thanks
  22. emus Personal reminder to add: Linuxfr.org user Space_e_man proposed his short overview of [Quicksy the easy XMPP based libre instant messaging platform](https://linuxfr.org/users/space_e_man/journaux/quicksy-la-messagerie-instantanee-libre-basee-sur-xmpp-facile). While the article itself concentrates on the reasons why it should be prefered to other proprietary solutions, the comments of linuxfr.org users, as usual, bring a lot of various points of view, as well as alternatives. > A new TURN server called [eturnal](https://eturnal.net) has been [published](https://www.process-one.net/blog/eturnal-v1-0-0-say-hello-to-a-new-stun-turn-server/). eturnal is a straightforward alternative to servers such as Coturn which can be used for offering STUN/TURN services to A/V clients using [external service discovery](https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0215.html). https://yarmo.eu/post/keyoxide-xmpp-omemo https://github.com/cmeng-git/atalk-android/blob/master/aTalk/ReleaseNotes.txt) https://www.kontalk.org/) Monal wurstsalat: Is the XEP section done from your side?
  23. Licaon_Kter Monal 4.7 both iOS and macOS is live on App Store so the text can be changed a bit, I'll try a PR later.
  24. emus Licaon_Kter: that would be nice. Maybe you can also summarize other new features, I think there is already an entry for monal
  25. Licaon_Kter Will try > Despite the small version number update, this is a large upgrade. Among the many changes in this release: 1.New title bar in chat 2.Show when user was last seen online (XEP-0319: Last User Interaction in Presence) 3.Show typing notification (XEP-0085: Chat State Notifications) 4.XMPP blocking (XEP-0191: Blocking Command) 5.Fixed ui glitch that shows incorrect unread mesages 6. Many other Ui and stability improvements
  26. emus 👍
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  39. peetah emus: the linuxfr quickly overview is a news covered in last month newsletter
  40. emus peetah: ok thx
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  44. peetah is'nt a bridge like whatsxmpp considered as an xmpp client ?
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  46. emus hmm, I think putting it into others is the best category. I dont see that this a client 🤔
  47. peetah technically it is a client
  48. peetah it takes a data sent by an XMPP server and process them or send data to the XMPP server
  49. eta peetah, as the person who wrote it, it's definitely not a client
  50. eta whatsapp is not an XMPP server
  51. Licaon_Kter eta: not anymore?
  52. eta Licaon_Kter, indeed
  53. peetah eta: I understood that it was a bridge between Whatsapp web and and XMPP server : am I wrong ?
  54. peetah eta: I understood that it was a bridge between Whatsapp web and an XMPP server : am I wrong ?
  55. emus eta: What else is whatsapp in you describtion
  56. eta emus, pardon?
  57. SouL A bridge is not a client
  58. peetah in my understanding, a client is a something talking to a server, hence a bridge is a client. Please, explain where I'm mistaking.
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  60. peetah could someone with understanding of the XEP-0313 update review the last commit of my last PR so that I do not introduce inexact information ? thanks
  61. emus eta, you said its not xmpp anymore. I was jsut interested what else it is in your view?
  62. eta peetah, a client is designed to be used by a human
  63. pep. eta, no
  64. pep. a bot is a client
  65. pep. Well a bot can be a client
  66. eta emus, I'm not actually sure - I think it's xmpp with some space optimizations
  67. pep. It can also be a component
  68. eta emus, whatsxmpp does not speak the whatsapp protocol though, it speaks the whatsapp web protocol
  69. pep. peetah, there's multiple ways to implement a bridge, generally it'll be either component or client (component being really close to a client but on the server and with a namespace for it to use)
  70. peetah In the PoV of the newsletter, I understand that it is not a client as end-users would understand it, but does it justify that whatsxmpp related news should be put in another section
  71. peetah In the PoV of the newsletter, I understand that it is not a client as end-users would understand it, but does it justify that whatsxmpp related news should be put in another section ?
  72. emus peetah, I don't think this is a bad thing, it just a category for things which is, like this software, between the lines
  73. emus Are you still editing?
  74. emus I want to do some edits as well
  75. peetah nope, go for it
  76. emus Ok, I think if eta says its okay to put it in the Other section we can stick to it. Everyone interested will see it there. But thanks for your PR, will merge
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  84. emus Hello everyone, the August PR is open for you contributions! https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/756
  85. emus Licaon, do you still want to add something for July?
  86. Licaon_Kter looking now
  87. emus ok
  88. Licaon_Kter The GSOC section is huge, and parts of it were covered before too, right?
  89. emus Yes, it is my intention to show the process
  90. Licaon_Kter Umm, I'm not against, just noticed it's so much bigger 😉
  91. emus Yes, I take the responsibility 🙁
  92. emus 🙂
  93. emus I hope wurstsalat is not on holidays 🏖️ - otherwise I would be happy if someone may review the XEP section
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  98. Licaon_Kter Hope I did not go overboard 🙂
  99. Licaon_Kter https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/757
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  102. Licaon_Kter And another one, thanks
  103. emus Thanks!
  104. emus Okay guys, I think we are more or less ready for the final review. I will close the collection by now and open for the final reviews till the 6th. Everyone is invited to review! 🕵‍♂️️
  105. emus Can anyone review the image links, I am not sure if they are properly done for pelican. This time also Github does not render the images, what it did last time
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  124. emus Final reviews are open. I hope we can confirm on the XEP section
  125. emus https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/730
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  133. wurstsalat emus: in fact I am right now :) but no xep updates in my inbox so it should be fine!
  134. emus wurstsalat: Thanks! Enjoy! 🌞
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