XSF Communications Team - 2020-08-05

  1. emus

    Thanks to everyone participating to this version of the Newsletter! I think we created and by now already reviewed a decent version. Tomorrow will be the release. Translators likely can already start. I will work in the minor remaining points later and about 24 hrs till editorial closing! 🔔⏳

  2. emus

    ⌛️ **Editorial closing**

  3. emus

    🚀️ *Release is tomorrow*

  4. emus

    🙏️ Thanks to everyone of you! 🤝️ eta, erszcz, Ge0rG, Holger, kriztan, jerome-poisson, jonas', Licaon_Kter, pmaziere, vanitasvitae, wurstsalat, woj-tek, zash

  5. debacle

    Question about logos: If I'm correct, the XMPP logo has six colours (black, blue, dark green, green, orange, red) and to make matters worse, the blue has a colour gradient. This makes e.g. printing on textiles expensive. Is there an (semi-) official variant with less colours (no more than three) and no gradient? Something like the Jabber light bulb (three colours, red, yellow, black, no gradient).