XSF Communications Team - 2020-08-06

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  15. emus debacle: Hmm, I have no idea - but you should be able to transfer the color into a better printabale spectrum, right?
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  18. emus dies anyone have a ycominator account and can post the newsletter after release?
  19. emus does anyone have a ycominator account and can post the newsletter after release?
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  23. Licaon_Kter emus: really, why bother? It will be about Matrix and IRC and Pidgin...
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  65. emus Let them bothere what they want.
  66. Licaon_Kter :))
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  69. emus right?
  70. Licaon_Kter As iNPUTmice said on the C muc, Matrix has this stream of info, that even if does not amount to anything now ( _soon p2p_, _soon dendrite_ etc) it does make Matrix seem current, always developing, always in the news So, yeah, having the same for XMPP is not bad
  71. Licaon_Kter Here. For August newsletter Dino gets funding for A/V christian: https://nlnet.nl/project/Dino/
  72. Licaon_Kter Here. For August newsletter Dino gets funding for A/V https://nlnet.nl/project/Dino/
  73. emus uh nice
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  114. debacle emus, yes, of course I can change the logo. However, it would be nice, if there were an "official version", so that everybody in need would use the same one. Also, I'm lazy^Wbusy! ;-)
  115. emus Does anyone know who designed the logo?
  116. debacle People in the free software community should talk to designers before they decide for a logo. Take e.g. the new Debian logo. The old one (a kind of chicken, maybe a penguin poult) was ugly, but it was relatively good for printing. The new one is beautiful, but when you need to print it in some kind of material, e.g. laser cutting or certain types of prints on textile, you suffer from the very difficult form with far too many edges.
  117. goffi emus: Raja SANDHU for XMPP Standards Foundation (cf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:XMPP_logo.svg), I think it's indicated somewhere on xmpp.org too.
  118. debacle Bad: Too many colours.
  119. debacle Bad: Gradients.
  120. debacle Bad: Too complicated forms.
  121. emus goffi: Thank you verymuch!
  122. debacle XMPP logo suffers from 1 and 2, Debian from 3.
  123. goffi debacle: I think a designer has been paid for XMPP logo, cf. my message above.
  124. emus debacle: Because its not matchen your kitchen its not bad design πŸ˜‰
  125. emus debacle: Because its not matching your kitchen its not bad design πŸ˜‰
  126. debacle emus, no, it's not about taste. It's about practical use.
  127. emus Sorry, misread chicken witj kitchen
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  129. debacle Ah OK ;-)
  130. emus Yes I know. but its also lots of workz that were very different times
  131. debacle If I ask a designer to create a logo, the designer might ask me: Is it mainly for online usage, is it supposed to be used in different resolutions, esp. very small and very large, is printing important or not.
  132. debacle Depending on my answers, they will produce different things, of course.
  133. debacle The XMPP logo is not bad after all, but a version without gradients and less colours would be cool.
  134. pep. There's a "remake" of the logo used for the newsletter stuff on twitter / mastodon by somebody (who isn't joined atm apparently)
  135. pep. There's only 4 colors
  136. debacle pep. That's a step in the right direction! ;-)
  137. pep. https://fosstodon.b-cdn.net/media_attachments/files/005/013/815/original/4a244fa79ece7326.jpeg
  138. pep. I do prefer this one :)
  139. debacle That's nice, indeed!
  140. emus It is!
  141. debacle If the green in the "wing" were replaced with the dark green of the letters, we would go down to three colours. What do you think?
  142. emus Actually I would do it vice versa
  143. emus use the XMPP green
  144. debacle The other way, having the letters in light green gives bad contrast on the white background, unfortunately.
  145. emus also remove the fourth blue
  146. emus hmm I think it can still work
  147. debacle The blue on both wings are identical, emus
  148. emus in the right corner
  149. debacle which is the official "XMPP green" emus?
  150. emus from the logo?
  151. debacle emus, ah, OK, I ignored the multi colour line on the bottom anyway ;-)
  152. debacle I just looked at the symbol and the "XMPP" letters
  153. emus just saying
  154. emus sure
  155. debacle the official XMPP logo has two types of green, light and dark
  156. debacle we should use only one for the enhanced logo
  157. debacle I slightly prefer the dark, if the letters are supposed to be green, because of contrast
  158. debacle However, we could use the light green and make the letters blue
  159. debacle Or maybe even the orange, which fits my XMPP hoody!
  160. debacle (which has black letters on orange background)
  161. emus debacle: Maybe you can propse you thought into an issue on github?
  162. debacle I always have technical problems with GH. They hate me ;-) But I post one or two or three SVGs here, OK?
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  164. emus Is fine for me
  165. emus actually I thought only about you thoughts, but svg would be fine of course
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  173. debacle https://xmpp.debian.org:5281/upload/-lpVN0mCekuBf3VZ/XMPP_logo_1.svg
  174. debacle https://xmpp.debian.org:5281/upload/3Qqa4k3A_lsJzGoM/XMPP_logo_2.svg
  175. debacle https://xmpp.debian.org:5281/upload/SMQRpshwhlF5uT2I/XMPP_logo_3.svg
  176. debacle https://xmpp.debian.org:5281/upload/Nv-JurYev7VaM94d/XMPP_logo_4.svg
  177. debacle https://xmpp.debian.org:5281/upload/geMIJ2zvXr0oOccz/XMPP_logo_5.svg
  178. debacle Five variants, that all use only three colours each.
  179. debacle And no gradients ;-)
  180. SouL Third variant is pretty cool
  181. debacle emus goffi pep. Any opinion? (AFK now, but back soon.)
  182. Licaon_Kter > Third variant is pretty cool +1
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  188. emus Third one is really nice! please drop them to Github!
  189. emus ###### Anyway, I have to ask to freeze the discussion for a few minutes because I am releasing the July Newsletter now and may need support #######
  190. goffi 1 and 3 for me, I don't like the other ones (looks like they've been washed too much)
  191. goffi debacle: ^
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  199. wurstsalat 3 looks nice
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  204. emus It rendered nearly perfect! https://xmpp.org/2020/08/newsletter-06-august/
  205. emus Email to more than 430 subscribers!
  206. Licaon_Kter Eh, I knew I had to mention the eturnal support MUC, just seen the WA bridge one there :)
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  209. emus Yeah, with the next newsletter we can use the links.
  210. emus I also started to think about two possible improvements:
  211. emus - Dont continue writing the date of the Newsletter - just call the month and also do that for each branch etc. Its absolutely confusing I think
  212. emus - Limit each news to 4 rendered lines in general, exceptions are okay
  213. Licaon_Kter Depends, eg Mongoose benchmark had too much imho
  214. emus So, one with a newscombinator account may drop it there - that would be great. I still have no access to the social media accounts
  215. Licaon_Kter Monal had the proper link but I explained what xep is now supported, its title and the normie info, what should be skipped?
  216. emus No clue, we can also make ut 6 rendered lines. but those should not be too much. lets say at least if there is a lot content
  217. Licaon_Kter > - Limit each news to 4 rendered lines in general, exceptions are okay How long is a line? :)) classic 80 chars?
  218. Licaon_Kter Profanity had no link to release :n
  219. Licaon_Kter Profanity had no link to release :(
  220. emus 😬️
  221. emus yeah - put to list: Links should be cross check in an "extra review"
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  226. emus I got a hint that the Newsletter goes into some peoples spam folders. Does anyone have similar experience? jcbrand, SouL:
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  228. emus eventually spam protection gets triggered by nycos private email. Maybe we should change it to an official commteam one
  229. emus mail4.tinyletterapp.com maybe it should be something like this at the end
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  234. debacle emus https://framasphere.org/posts/b9c25460ba3d0138b6cf2a0000053625
  235. emus yeah!
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  238. pep. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24073845
  239. pep. Let the trolls come now
  240. emus haha
  241. wurstsalat Wow, reading the newsletter I realize how many things happened last month. Good read! :)
  242. emus 😎😍
  243. debacle emus https://framapiaf.org/@debacle/104643920501318043
  244. SouL > I got a hint that the Newsletter goes into some peoples spam folders. Does anyone have similar experience? First time I hear this. From working in ecommerce, I know if people put it into the spam folder, Gmail puts you into the spammers list. In our case I want to think this does not happen of course 😁
  245. debacle OK, version 3 was the most popular one, so here is a variant of it:
  246. debacle https://xmpp.debian.org:5281/upload/2gn1HUjAHvliSwfF/XMPP_logo_6.svg
  247. emus πŸ‘οΈ
  248. emus Can you upload this to the Github repo?
  249. emus In an issue or so?
  250. Licaon_Kter SouL: put it in spam and end up in spam is different
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  275. debacle emus, I tried, but I have too many technical difficulties with github. First, they don't like one browser, because it is too old, than, they don't like that the other does not support JS, now I can't attach SVGs to an issue - I just give up on github for now.
  276. debacle it would be nice, if somebodyβ„’ (= not me) could upload all six variants to a github issue and more people could comment on pros and cons
  277. debacle so far, I believe that variant no. 6 is not too bad for printing on textile and not too ugly
  278. pep. debacle, fwiw, I don't like any of the XMPP logo you sent :p
  279. pep. Or rather I preferred the one used for the newsletter
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  282. emus I can drop them into an unofficial folder
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  290. debacle pep. can you add that one to the list then? the only drawback of the newsletter version is, that it has one colour more, four instead of three, but if the colour of the letters were changed to one of the logo colours, that would be solved. Four colours is just more expensive to print than three colours ;-)
  291. debacle emus, it would be nice if we could vote for one "semi-official" logo, so that people printing the logo could all use the same one - and then remove the non-voted ones.
  292. debacle btw. does a SVG version of the newsletter version exist?
  293. debacle pep. here is the newsletter variant, just with the letters in one of the logo colours, to reduce from four to three colours:
  294. debacle https://xmpp.debian.org:5281/upload/uJovULQbkgMOaC8h/XMPP_logo_7.svg
  295. debacle I hope, that I got the colours right.
  296. debacle Fortunately, I'm not a designer. I'm really bad when it comes to aesthetics. I just want a cheap-to-print logo ;-)
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