XSF Communications Team - 2020-08-07

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  20. emus I cannot see the picture
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  23. debacle emus the last one I sent was https://xmpp.debian.org:5281/upload/uJovULQbkgMOaC8h/XMPP_logo_7.svg
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  25. emus thx
  26. ldkjgoiwe debacle, what base color are you imagining for the tshirt? I'd suggest to do the "XMPP" in blue instead of red, since it's considered a more neutral color and there'll be less people disliking it.
  27. ldkjgoiwe debacle, what base color are you imagining for the tshirt? I'd suggest to do the "XMPP" in blue instead of red, since blue is considered a more neutral color and thus there'll be less people disliking it.
  28. debacle ldkjgoiwe I imagine either white or black as background colour. While all the seven variants work with white, I did not yet test with black. Ideally, both should work.
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  30. Martin Authentication-Results: mail.mdosch.de; dkim=pass header.d=mail4.tinyletterapp.com; spf=pass smtp.mailfrom=bounce-tl_1278521.8561570-spam-xmpp-org=mdosch.de@mail4.tinyletterapp.com X-Spamd-Bar: -
  31. Martin So, my mailserver is happy with the newsletters SPF and DKIM…
  32. emus --> can you drop that to the XSF Discussion?
  33. emus but thanks!
  34. Martin Hmm, isn't this actually a commteam thing as it's about the newsletter?
  35. emus Yes, but somehow the discussion on that started there again today
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  74. debacle ldkjgoiwe Here with different backgrounds for comparison:
  75. debacle https://xmpp.debian.org:5281/upload/8HPftqhINxM1f8yH/XMPP_logo_bg.svg
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  79. emus now you go crazy
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  82. ldkjgoiwe perhaps try to do the "XMPP" in the lighter blue. that seems to work on both white and black, and you avoid too much red.
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  85. debacle ldkjgoiwe, yes, will try
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  87. debacle With that colour set, there are only 2 × 2 × 2 × 3 = 24 options ;-)
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