XSF Communications Team - 2020-09-09

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  22. jcbrand

    emus: I didn't offer, you asked and I suggested that you create a Twitter account instead

  23. jcbrand

    At least IIRC

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  28. emus

    Yes, that too

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  32. erszcz

    Hey, people 馃檪 Just realised a small inconsistency in the newsletter - the slug for Aug edition covering July events and news is newsletter-06-august and the slug of the Sep edition covering August is newsletter-08-august

  33. erszcz

    oh, noes, it's actually this: Aug edition - https://xmpp.org/2020/08/newsletter-06-august/ Sep edition - https://xmpp.org/2020/08/newsletter-08-august/

  34. emus

    erszcz: Yes you are right, its confusing. for the next versions I will remove specific dates

  35. emus


  36. erszcz

    not a big deal, really, but I noticed that when looking for links to share in our team

  37. erszcz

    thanks for the great job preparing the newsletter!

  38. emus

    馃槱 how did that come again....

  39. emus

    erszcz: Thanks. I will improve on that

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  41. emus

    erszcz: For the next version I will only use the month what we are releasing continuously. because thats really confusing

  42. erszcz

    sounds good!

  43. goffi

    Hello. Would it be possible to fix the small formatting issue with bullet points on S脿T and GSoC parts, on September newsletter? It's probably just a missing new line in markdown.

  44. goffi

    And a I've said on xsf@, thanks to all involved in the newsletters, it's really good.

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  46. emus

    goffi: If you know a solution, can create a PR?

  47. emus

    goffi: If you know a solution, can you create a PR?

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  51. goffi

    emus: I can check that tonight, I'm at work now

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  57. emus


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  76. peetah

    could some one explain me what are the "domain mapping improvements" reported in the python-nbxmpp news ?

  77. peetah

    could some one explain me what are the "domaine mapping" and "domain mapping improvements" reported in the python-nbxmpp news ?

  78. peetah

    could some one explain me what are the "domain mapping" and "domain mapping improvements" reported in the python-nbxmpp news of the last newsletter ?

  79. peetah

    wurstsalat: ^ ?

  80. wurstsalat

    peetah: it performs UTS46 mapping on domain names, see http://unicode.org/reports/tr46/

  81. peetah

    wurstsalat: ok thanks

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  102. Licaon_Kter


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  111. peetah

    emus: I made some PR for the August newsletter: is there a way to test the static site generation in a sandbox before sending it live ?

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  113. emus

    ``` python3 -m virtualenv --python=python3.7 venv source venv/bin/activate pip install pelican==3.3 markdown==2.6.11 ghp-import # found in the Dockerfile make devserver ```

  114. emus

    not tested

  115. emus

    peetah: have you tested?

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