XSF Communications Team - 2020-09-10

  1. peetah

    On, maybe today

  2. peetah

    no, maybe today

  3. goffi

    hi. peetah oh I was about to do exactly that (fixing lists), thanks!

  4. goffi

    and the lists were appearing fine with my local markdown parser.

  5. emus

    Do you plan any extra changes? Otherwise I will ask zash to trigger docker again

  6. goffi

    emus: not sure if you're talking to me, but beside what peetah did, I had no plan to do anything else.

  7. emus

    goffi: yes, okay ☺

  8. peetah

    emus: the XEP section lists are still not right: on level of indentation instead of 2

  9. peetah

    concerning the language annotation of articles, whether :lang: (but again, this is an accessibility issue) or [language] at the end or beginning of the paragraph, I think it is important to show our readers that XMPP is discussed in various languages and cultures that they can feel closer to or more simply to avoid being trapped in an english mono-culture

  10. emus

    peetah: Okay, I would agree to place the language in brackets at the end? What do you think?

  11. peetah

    I would love to see a newsletter filled with articles from all over the world in various languages

  12. emus

    In the beginning it think it disturbes reading flow

  13. emus

    Yeah that would be great

  14. peetah

    I'm fine with brackets at the end

  15. emus


  16. peetah

    a blog post in german considering the security aspect of XMPP and conversations: https://www.kuketz-blog.de/conversations-messaging-ueber-das-xmpp-protokoll-messenger-teil6/

  17. vanitasvitae

    peetah, 👍️

  18. peetah

    I try set a systematic review of google search results for the term 'xmpp' in order to spot interesting articles from broader origin than what we currently have

  19. peetah

    therefore, I'll post here the links that I consider may be interesting, not automatically to be included in the newsletter, but to have some of you evaluating it as a potential candidate for the newsletter

  20. wurstsalat

    peetah: nice

  21. peetah

    released in may, but this mail to XMPP tool at the MTA level may be interesting to follow for a future newsletter: https://www.puppeteers.net/2020/05/26/email-to-xmpp-bridge-milter-xmpp-released/

  22. peetah

    do we agree that any article explaining how to install or deploy an XMPP server or client is not fit for the newsletter ?

  23. vanitasvitae

    If it is recent and well written and adds some insight I'd say it may have a point

  24. emus

    peetah: We should keep in mind that this is a newsletter. Maybe your idea is good for a new project?

  25. peetah

    is'nt the newsletter supposed to relay articles of interest ?

  26. emus

    Sure, but for how long do you want to repeat those articles? I'd rather prefer to improve the XSF page - what I intended already - for example? there we can accumulate leading or good articles - or we create a selected archive?

  27. peetah

    why repeat ? If I really can find that much articles in a month, which I doubt, a selection of really good ones could go in the newsletter, and then populate the XSF page with all the non selected ones

  28. Martin

    > a blog post in german considering the security aspect of XMPP and conversations: https://www.kuketz-blog.de/conversations-messaging-ueber-das-xmpp-protokoll-messenger-teil6/ This is already added. 😃

  29. emus

    peetah, ah I thought you are looking for old articles

  30. emus

    I think at the moment the newsletter is not overloaded, but if that will become the case we can do some redaction. But yes, we should then act on this. Or do you think currently the newsletter is overloaded?

  31. peetah

    Martin: and I even put a comment about it in the related PR :) I knew that I had seen this name somewhere before ;)

  32. emus

    Martin peetah 👍️

  33. Martin


  34. peetah

    emus: I don't think it is, as I said above, I would like to add diversity in the article section

  35. emus

    ah okay, that was the connection

  36. peetah

    antispam openfire plugin: https://discourse.igniterealtime.org/t/new-openfire-plugin-to-help-reduce-spam/88730