XSF Communications Team - 2020-09-11

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  3. Licaon_Kter peetah: scroll above please, so you don't duplicate
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  22. peetah sorry, I'll check the logs before posting from now on
  23. peetah Pretty sure this one was not seen here => BeagleIM 4.0 and Siskin 6.0 released: https://tigase.net/beagleim-4.0-and-siskin-6.0-released/
  24. wurstsalat peetah: please keep collecting. I don't mind duplicates :) they'll resolve anyway when adding content to the newsletter draft
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  34. peetah Does the cisco vulnerability CVE-2020-3495 considered worthy of the newletter ? it makes a lot of noise.
  35. peetah What bugs me is the mix made between cisco product and Jabber: in the article I run through, they are often taken one for another, considering that the flaw is in Jabber (the protocol) and not the cisco client
  36. peetah here is what I think is the original publication from the company that discovered the different flaws: https://watchcom.no/nyheter/nyhetsarkiv/uncovers-cisco-jabber-vulnerabilities/
  37. peetah s/in the article/in the articles/
  38. Martin Jabber *is* Cisco. I really don't like that jabber is widely misused as synonym for xmpp as people start mixing it up with the Cisco product jabber which is based on xmpp.
  39. Martin https://blog.windfluechter.net/content/blog/2020/06/09/1758-jabber-vs-xmpp
  40. peetah Martin: enlighten me here please: years ago I first heard of Jabber as a protocol, then it became XMPP; do you mean that Jabber was first a cisco product then its protocol has been opened ?
  41. peetah oh thanks for the ink
  42. peetah oh thanks for the link
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  50. emus > sorry, I'll check the logs before posting from now on No problem, please keep up the good work!
  51. peetah I suggest that the next newsletter relay these two articles in the same news so that we talk about these vunerabilities and make a strong statement about the possible current confusion between Cisco Jabber and XMPP as described in the link Martin just posted
  52. emus > peetah: please keep collecting. I don't mind duplicates :) they'll resolve anyway when adding content to the newsletter draft yes
  53. peetah I don't remember having seen anything about limiting the newsletter to FOSS: is there something stated against proprietary softwares as I guess (without any real knowledge) Cisco Jabber is ?
  54. Martin XMPP can be used for closed source products as well (see games, grindr) so I don't see why we should not cover those in the newsletter as well.
  55. Licaon_Kter What, they aren't actively trying to hide its usage? :))
  56. peetah ok that's fine for me, it's just that I scarcely saw closed source softwares news in the newsletter
  57. emus I wonder if the licence should force at least naming that the technology is used 🤔
  58. Martin What license?
  59. Martin If they don't use any OSS lib but implement it by looking at the specification they don't have to follow any license I guess.
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  62. emus Martin: I meant, the xmpp protocol has a license or, like gpl?
  63. Martin Not that I'm aware of, but I'm neither a protocol expert nor a lawyer. 😃
  64. emus so its usable without any license?
  65. Licaon_Kter It's an open spec, there's no license or price. Afaik
  66. emus Okay, thanks
  67. emus Martin: Need to think about it 🤔
  68. emus you github comment
  69. Martin Ok
  70. Martin It's a minor thing anyway.
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  73. peetah Martin: reading the small introduction to the article might bring the reader to use an online translator rather than skip the article altogether because of a language issue
  74. emus I just dont like any [ --- ] things in the beginning of a sentence 😅 but maybe that is my personal problem
  75. Martin I think people willing to read an article in another language by using a translator won't be scared away by mentioning at the beginning that another language is used. 😃
  76. emus Yes, but I meant this about "reading flow" and convienece
  77. emus its like a visual interuption to me
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  80. Guus > I wonder if the licence should force at least naming that the technology is used 🤔 Cisco owns the Jabber trademark. The XSF has a pretty permissive (my qualification) license to use it.
  81. Guus https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/jabber-trademark/
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  84. emus Guus: You meant the jabber trademark, but not xmpp?
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  91. Guus Yes. I'm not sure if xmpp is trademarked at all.
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  105. Martin ralphm: Looks like p.j.o isn't updating anymore.
  106. Licaon_Kter Pleny of daily philosopy posts there :))
  107. Licaon_Kter Pleny of daily philosophy posts there :))
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  110. emus > Yes. I'm not sure if xmpp is trademarked at all. ok thx
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  125. ralphm There was a feed that tripped up Venus, leaving a gazillion zombie processes. Should be ok now.
  126. Martin ralphm: Works! Thanks. 😃
  127. ralphm xmpp is not, and probably cannot be trademarked. This was one of the goals choosing the name when we standardized at ietf
  128. emus 👍
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  139. emus Hey guys, I created a poll on that language question: https://nuudel.digitalcourage.de/rCEGG1Jc3CIkDq1W everyone welcome to vote!
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  233. wurstsalat emus, I'd put the language tag directy after the link
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  235. Licaon_Kter In front...in front
  236. Martin emus: This noodle doesn't remember my choices. I filled it twice already.
  237. Martin In front green Behind yellow no mention red
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  244. emus 🤔
  245. emus > emus, I'd put the language tag directy after the link Ahh forgot to put that solution
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  252. wurstsalat update the noodle!
  253. emus Martin: you votet, but I am the only one who sees the outcome 🙂 No worries, you will be informed
  254. emus I updated the noodle
  255. Martin 😃
  256. wurstsalat I voted
  257. emus But I first voted also twice bwcause I forgot that I set that option 😅
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  269. vanitasvitae https://mastodon.xyz/@jcbrand/104839965037571601
  270. vanitasvitae ^ strophe.js gets support for sharing a single websocket connection between two tabs
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