XSF Communications Team - 2020-10-03

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  34. emus

    To be honest: The poll is not helping πŸ˜€ https://nuudel.digitalcourage.de/rCEGG1Jc3CIkDq1W did anyone also voted/added their vote on the last new entry?

  35. emus

    To be honest: The poll is not helping πŸ˜€ https://nuudel.digitalcourage.de/rCEGG1Jc3CIkDq1W did anyone also voted/added their vote to the last new entry?

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  37. emus

    Anyone interested to write a summary on those three links? https://tigase.net/halcyon-publishing-and-subscribing-with-halcyon/ https://tigase.net/tigase-server-with-stun-turn/ https://tigase.net/halcyon-a-look-at-halcyon/

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  41. emus

    wurstsalat - If you have the motivation: An explaination why we do XEP review and extenstion to introduce the Section would make it awesome. Right now there is more or less a reference. But I think explaining why this is good and our work would be nice

  42. emus

    pep. actually one replied: https://awoo.pub/@kzimmermann/104946944484786576

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  44. emus

    goffi, I dont know who has rendered the timeline picture. However the other additons are simply added by Libre Impress πŸ˜…οΈ

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  46. pep.

    emus: yeah but nothing interesting for me :p

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  48. emus


  49. emus

    So, we are heading to the Review phase by tonight - anything else to add? Better now than later! πŸ„β€β™‚οΈοΈ

  50. emus

    Question to everyone: The next release date would be the 10th of October. which is a bit long in the month already. If you want we can exceptionally reduce the review phase to the 5th and also release on the fifth, or release eg. on the Saturday the 7th . What do you think? If enough people are helping to review we can do the 5th in my opinion

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  53. emus

    SouL ?

  54. SouL

    emus: We can aim for the 5th if there are reviews, I will try to review as soon as I can

  55. emus

    Okay, I ping you once I switched from Draft to Merge Request

  56. emus


  57. emus

    Yep, if there are people you can alreafy announce that they can review, that will make the decision make simpler

  58. emus

    Yep, if there are people you can already announce that they can review, that will make the decision make simpler

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  63. emus

    New draft is already published: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/813 However, let's focus on the the current release!

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  66. emus

    Thereby I already introduced the new branch nameing. The branch now always has the name of the month which are procuding the Newsletter on

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  71. emus

    would one like to see something like a project board in general for the Newsletter? https://github.com/features/project-management https://docs.github.com/en/free-pro-team@latest/github/managing-your-work-on-github/creating-a-project-board

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  73. emus

    wurstsalat there needs to be a space before the first list entry. This what Zash told me:

  74. emus

    ``` Paragraph - this is still a paragraph ```

  75. emus

    ``` Paragraph - this is a list item ```

  76. emus

    the blank line before

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  81. emus

    no thats all wrong

  82. emus


  83. emus

    it should be something like this:

  84. emus

    -___item (3 spaces) ____-___item (4 spaces - 3 spaces)

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  87. emus

    Guys, the title suggestion for this newsletter is: XMPP bites into the apple!

  88. emus

    I thought so becuase there have been great changes to Monal, Siskin and Beagle this month

  89. wurstsalat

    emus: emus thanks, I'll have a look :)

  90. wurstsalat

    That title sounds very german, I'm not sure if that's a saying in english

  91. emus

    How else you want to say that you bite into an aplle?

  92. emus

    actually it checked also with Deepl^^

  93. emus

    We can use this idiom: Second Bite Of The Apple Meaning: to be given a second chance or opportunity to do something. Use In A Sentence: Jerry’s first attempt at welding was a bust. Jim decided to give him a second bite of the apple, but this time he was going to show him exactly how to do it.

  94. wurstsalat

    Huh. I'm not convinced :)

  95. emus

    Then make another suggestion pls

  96. emus

    I wonder why we cannot just say it. It's not I am making an idiom with "XMPP bites into the apple!" 😊️

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  98. emus

    XMPP thrives on iOS

  99. emus


  100. wurstsalat

    No, maybe biting the apple is better :)

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  103. emus

    We still have three days to improve

  104. emus

    Now I am starting the review phase

  105. emus

    Okay guys, set to `review`: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/787

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  120. wurstsalat

    emus, I did a review PR and added some introducion for the XEPs section (credit to the original author at xmpp.org)

  121. emus

    wurstsalat: Thanks!

  122. emus

    and merged!

  123. wurstsalat


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  141. wurstsalat

    emus: I'd go for publishing earlier this month. 10th would be too late I think

  142. emus

    wurstsalat: I was talking about the Oktober release in November

  143. emus

    SouL: ^

  144. wurstsalat

    Ah ok, yes, for november then

  145. emus

    it will be the fifth

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