XSF Communications Team - 2020-10-13

  1. XMPP Newsletter

    Hi everyone, may I propose a recently published article for the next XMPP newsletter? We at DBJR (German Federal Youth Council) try to educate our member organisations about open source and open standards. On our digital tools' blog, Jonah from the Kaidan project wrote an article for lesser-techie people to explain why they develop Kaidan XMPP client. The article is only in German though: https://tooldoku.dbjr.de/2020/10/kaidan-auf-dem-weg-zur-einfachen-sicheren-und-dezentralen-chat-app/

  2. emus

    XMPP Newsletter: Hey, thats really nice, but may you be so kind and pic another name to not create confusations?

  3. emus

    Are you tim?