XSF Communications Team - 2021-01-13

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  65. Paganini https://upload.movim.eu/files/667bf1dbfc8631f7d3c671fb2acc6ed074c63457/vTMTNxieM9OQ/A9FXRgE9S42AAo5foyWMSA.jpg
  66. Paganini See this... I think we should do something similar...
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  70. Licaon_Kter Paganini: WA bumped to 100Mb? It was 16Mb at some point
  71. MattJ Only a couple of weeks ago their help pages said 16MB
  72. MattJ I know because I checked when someone complained about Snikket's upload limit
  73. wurstsalat not everything is applicable here, but a comparison might help potential users to get a good overview of XMPP features
  74. wurstsalat it could also help when outdated assumptions about xmpp are stated somewhere :)
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  76. MattJ WhatsApp limit is 16MB for images/videos and 100MB for "documents"
  77. MattJ Make sense of that
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  80. wurstsalat try to compress video to 16 mb > fail > send as document?
  81. MattJ Accoridng to docs it shows a UI that allows you to trim the video
  82. wurstsalat I’m impressed by Telegram’s file size limit, but then again, some xmpp services allow the same size :)
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  85. Martin considers this crazy
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  97. Paganini > not everything is applicable here, but a comparison might help potential users to get a good overview of XMPP features That's exactly what I think.
  98. Paganini > I’m impressed by Telegram’s file size limit, but then again, some xmpp services allow the same size :) Have you ever heard about 404.city? https://404.city/ They claim to allow 2Gb file size limit. I will create a xmpp account on 404.city and check it this afternoon.
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  104. wurstsalat Paganini, yes I did, and since every provider can set arbitrary limits, this is indeed possible
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  106. Paganini We should make a banner like the one I shared here, comparing XMPP with WharsApp and Telegram. Or two banners: one comparing XMPP with WhatsApp and the other comparing XMPP with Telegram. Don't you agree? Then we will share the banners on social networks, etc. That's what the Telegram folks are doing...
  107. MattJ Go for it
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  149. goffi wurstsalat, Paganini: I'm working on a XMPP file sharing component that has no limit, the idea is to implement per user quota instead of per-file limit.
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  182. Licaon_Kter Was this guide posted? [DE] https://www.heise.de/tipps-tricks/XMPP-was-ist-das-5006209.html
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  193. wurstsalat Licaon_Kter, it wasn’t, good find :) please add it to the pad https://yopad.eu/p/xmpp-newsletter-365days
  194. Martin Licaon_Kter: > Was this guide posted? > [DE] https://www.heise.de/tipps-tricks/XMPP-was-ist-das-5006209.html Oh, it's back online now mentioning proper clients.
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  197. Licaon_Kter Martin: yeah, saw last week but was unnaccesible
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