XSF Communications Team - 2021-02-08

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  20. Jeybe emus: It could be published on the website of Anoxinon e.V. , a non-profit XMPP hoster from Germany (spoiler: I'm with them). This one and the maybe upcoming German translations. But if you people say you'd either continue publishing on jabber.de, this would be fine with me.
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  27. emus No is okay I think. if you have access there I guess its simpler
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  66. Jeybe Working on the tranlsation in this pad for those interested: https://pad.nixnet.services/s/kY0A2LfTo
  67. emus 👍
  68. emus Jeybe: Du kannst ganz oben dich gerne als Übersetzer erwähnen. Ganz unten am besten noch den letzten string wo das original veröffentlich ist mit angeben. Steht in dem Blogartikel sonst
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  71. peetah The french translation of the January XMPP newsletter is ready for reviews, corrections and improvements before publication: https://linuxfr.org/redaction/news/la-lettre-d-information-xmpp-de-janvier-2021
  72. emus Great!
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  107. emus On xmpp.work Zoom and a company from South Africa are looking for XMPP Engineers - not bad
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  113. pep. > Trying to improve working culture is work too happy not to be the only one to think this :)
  114. pep. Unfortunately they've left.. they wouldn't get much out of the XSF anyway with the so-called neutrality :/
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  122. emus pep.: Its not my point or legislation And Im not agreeing talking in this pushing attitude from this guy side in general
  123. emus Im also trying to improve the working culture. But I think starting an intense discission from nowhere on a topic actives had limited influence on nor ressources is also not helpful.
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  133. Licaon_Kter These infographics are all the rage these days > An introduction to the 3 types of messengers, simply explained https://thilobuchholz.de/2021/02/3-types-of-messengers-simply-explained/
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  135. emus Awesome!
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  138. Licaon_Kter > Gajim 1.3.0 has been released > Five months have passed since the release of Gajim 1.2.2. Many new features have been developed during this time, including a complete redesign of both Gajim’s Preferences window and configuration backend, an all new Profile window, support for Chat Markers, a new user interface for voice/video calls (not yes compatible with Conversations and Movim), and much more. https://gajim.org/post/2021-02-08-gajim-1.3.0-released/
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  140. neox Coooool
  141. neox reinstalls gajim
  142. Licaon_Kter neox: not running daily snapshots? Shame!!!!111 Also, do update your chapril info page with the new account workflow ;)
  143. neox Licaon_Kter, well yeah 😉