XSF Communications Team - 2021-02-10

  1. Jeybe

    emus, ok noted

  2. Jeybe


  3. Jeybe

    Final version can be viewed here: https://codeberg.org/Anoxinon_e.V./anoxinon-web-main/pulls/48. The latest of your corrections are included emus, as well as the two images. To build y'all can just clone my fork and use hugo as usual. If no other feedback and corrections come up, I would remove the PR from WIP status during the day.

  4. Jeybe

    FYI I'm writing about the German translation of the XMPP Newsletter of January 2021

  5. wurstsalat

    Jeybe, fyi, Gajim posts are fully translated to german

  6. wurstsalat

    offered via gajim.org/de/post/ (and linked in the header)

  7. wurstsalat

    Iā€™m glad there are so many volunteer translators, thanks for that, Jeybe

  8. Jeybe

    wurstsalat, huh, that's epic, didn't know that! Replaced the English with the German blogpost

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  10. emus


  11. peetah

    The french translation of the January XMPP newsletter is available: https://linuxfr.org/news/la-lettre-d-information-xmpp-de-janvier-2021 and https://news.jabberfr.org/2021/02/la-lettre-dinformation-xmpp-de-janvier-2021/ ! Thanks to the team of both websites for enabling this publication !

  12. Jeybe


  13. Jeybe

    Btw if I got it right the XSF communiction happens via Newsletter. Is there a way one can follow that as a RSS/Atom feed?

  14. wurstsalat

    Jeybe, https://xmpp.org/feeds/all.atom.xml

  15. wurstsalat

    or https://xmpp.org/blog.html

  16. emus

    yes this ^

  17. emus


  18. emus

    wurstsalat: The RSD feed is not linked in each Newsletter?

  19. emus

    No its not šŸ˜±