XSF Communications Team - 2021-05-07

  1. Licaon_Kter

    > Hi, at the Berlin XMPP Meetup on June 9th at 16:00 UTC (online via Jitsi Meet) we will talk about the new project **XMPP Providers**: https://invent.kde.org/melvo/xmpp-providers > Its goal is to improve the onboarding by providing a curated list of XMPP providers that can be used by clients. The clients can suggest providers or even automatically choose a good one for registration. > Join xmpp:berlin-meetup@conference.conversations.im?join for more information ;) This can be included?

  2. wurstsalat

    Nice :)

  3. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    😃 yes thats melvins and my talk 😅 Actually, that would be mean, as I havent place the actual events from Berlin meet up, just that it happens in general. But we can change that of course from now on 😄

  4. Licaon_Kter

    Well, it's worth a note since next Newsletter will be just before that

  5. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    Yes, you are right of course

  6. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    The deployment worked!

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  10. nicola

    Hello everyone! Here is the Italian translation of the newsletter https://www.nicfab.it/newsletter-xmpp-di-aprile-2021-versione-italiana/

  11. Licaon_Kter


  12. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    nicola: Many thanks!

  13. nicola

    > nicola: Many thanks! You are welcome

  14. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    And the XMPP Newsletter is being sent to more than 500 subscribers by now 🙂

  15. nicola

    > And the XMPP Newsletter is being sent to more than 500 subscribers by now 🙂 Yes, received right now 😀

  16. Licaon_Kter

    Wow, huge, so many letters read :)

  17. anubis

    by the way, do you also offer a diffusion through XMPP ? 🤔️

  18. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    diffusion through XMPP?

  19. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    Toot toot: https://fosstodon.org/web/statuses/106195170518281226

  20. Licaon_Kter

    anubis: you mean share?

  21. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    distribute? we have several active channels: Fosstodon, Twitter (with some delay), RSS feed, newsletter and videos on YT for quite a month

  22. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    and of course the website