XSF Communications Team - 2021-05-20

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  33. Licaon_Kter Sam: didn't we warn you not to continue? Wow, you digged your hole and buried yourself, mentionind standards bodies. N00b mistake, don't you know VC funded startups just hate that since it kills their ability to move-fast-break-stuff, to distrupt the market??? Arathorn (Matthew of Matrix) does this all day, posting on every sligthly related to messages HN posts, while you, the naive, stepped into his path... ಠ_ಠ
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  35. emus (XSF Com. Team) Licaon_Kter: you must tell the people about your irony. ☺ I think it does not help if we confirm to ourselves that "they are not good". Currently I see people stupidly moving to Signal, even so it does lots of stuff better than whatsapp. However, why they should move to XMPP clients?
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  37. Licaon_Kter emus (XSF Com. Team): I was not ironic, what do you mean?
  38. emus (XSF Com. Team) Licaon_Kter: Then I dont get what you are talking about
  39. Licaon_Kter emus (XSF Com. Team): the HN thread is long and Sam posted a lot https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27207860
  40. Licaon_Kter emus (XSF Com. Team): the HN thread is long and Sam posted a lot albeit not on topic but on whatever Arathorn was directing the discussion to, all about Matrix...ofcourse https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27207860
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  43. emus (XSF Com. Team) ah ok
  44. emus (XSF Com. Team) Yeah, if start discussing in general (I dont see Sam was doing anything wrong), just dont get blaming. From that spot you (we) can only loose.
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  86. nicola Interesting and current topic … :-)
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