XSF Communications Team - 2021-07-08

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  78. debacle Could a *native English speaker* please take a look at https://salsa.debian.org/xmpp-team/blog/-/blob/xmpp-novelties-in-debian-11-bullseye/content/xmpp-novelties-in-debian-11-bullseye.md and send me corrections in private or here? (Which reminds me of an Englishperson, who considered people from Sweden and Netherlands sufficiently "native English" to give language advice, but not someone from the US.) The blog post will appear on Planet Jabber and Planet Debian.
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  83. Licaon_Kter :))
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  87. Licaon_Kter debacle: nice no mention of the CVEs of prosody? https://prosody.im/security/advisory_20210512/ Also, any chance to reword _"Jabber a.k.a. XMPP"_ to something else like _"XMPP (formely known as Jabber)"_? I feel like we are soooo far away from anything named Jabber that it doesn't need to be mentioned anymore _(ahem Cisco Jabber bugs making the news does not help either)_ Funny enough, that linked page doesn't even mention Jabber as a thing (yes the letters 'jabber' appear in some programs names)
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  89. debacle Licaon_Kter CVEs are typially fixed in Debian stable, too. Therefore this is not related to a new Debian release.
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  91. Licaon_Kter True, but it's part of .9, eh, as you see fit :)
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  93. debacle About Jabber: It is still the term many of us elderly people know and use. E.g. I use the term XMPP only when I speak of the protocol, but Jabber for all instant messaging aspects. How could I tell my friends to use "iks emm pee pee"? Jabber is easier to pronounce, known since 20 years, and as you said, it is in the names: jabberd2, ejabberd, Gajim, JID, etc. I'll continue to use the term Jabber, until a certain company from San José sends a death squad ;-)
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  95. debacle Licaon_Kter I meant: The prosody 0.11.2 package in Debian has the CVEs fixed already, as patches.
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  97. debacle Licaon_Kter anyway "XMPP (formely known as Jabber)" is probably a good idea!
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  100. Licaon_Kter debacle: > Licaon_Kter I meant: The prosody 0.11.2 package in Debian has the CVEs fixed already, as patches. Didn't know they were backparted, 👍
  101. Licaon_Kter debacle: and yes I know all the "when I speak of" butttt the post is on a certain techical level where this doesn't matter, imho
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  106. emus (XSF Com. Team) Alright guys --> off topic ☺
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