XSF Communications Team - 2021-07-11

  1. neox

    Here is the french translation of the newsletter https://news.jabberfr.org/2021/07/lettre-dinformation-xmpp-de-juin-2021/ and https://linuxfr.org/news/lettre-d-information-xmpp-de-juin-2021 !

  2. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    neox - great work! Thanks!

  3. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    do you guys publish via jabber planet feed?

  4. Link Mauve

    emus (XSF Com. Team), there is the JabberFR planet: https://planet.jabberfr.org/

  5. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    ah ok

  6. Link Mauve

    Do you think it would make sense to put translations of the same article in the jabber.org planet?

  7. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    good question. Some people post their also non-xmpp stuff sometimes. Maybe its worth it. Maybe only the newsletter translations

  8. Link Mauve

    What about adding i18n support to the planet, so that users can see the posts in the language of their choice (once they have been translated)?

  9. Link Mauve

    So that it wouldn’t clutter the planet with five times the same content in four languages the user doesn’t care about.

  10. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    Yes, but I dont know how that works

  11. Link Mauve

    Me neither. :(

  12. Link Mauve

    I just know it’s technically possible, maybe.

  13. emus (XSF Com. Team)


  14. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    This month I am a bit quicker: The PR is open for your XMPP Newsletter additions! https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/941 Please add to the PR or use the online pad. All infos behind the link! Im not really available from 15-20th - but should be fine I guess.