XSF Communications Team - 2021-09-29

  1. Sam

    This month I have a release announcement for my library, and a general monthly dev report (just published) which covers the library and the client. I'm never sure what section to stick those in. Right now I split it up between libraries (the release thing) and clients (the dev thing, assuming the main focus will be on the client from now on). Happy to merge them together if others prefer though.

  2. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    Sound ok to me

  3. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    Sounds ok to me

  4. Sam

    Fiscal host stuff published; adding to padd.

  5. Sam

    *pad, even

  6. Sam

    A post on <social sites> would be good too: https://xmpp.org/2021/09/the-xsf-as-a-fiscal-host/

  7. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    I added it already I think? 🤔

  8. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    yes planning

  9. Sam

    The blog post was just published, you had a thing with a link to the policies, I just added an extra sentence mentioning the blog post

  10. emus (XSF Com. Team)

    ah ok sorry. I liked to the site