XSF Communications Team - 2021-10-05

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  35. emus Sam: Hi Sam, question I got for tonight: - What about German / EU tax law? (of course this questions comes^^) - Is there a max limit? - How will the money be distributed allocated? (I guess that will be explained anyway)
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  66. Sam Thanks! I must admit, I have no idea about the first one, buy the second two I can talk about
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  70. emus Of course not 😉
  71. emus noone does 😃
  72. Sam (I did some research and figured out "it depends", doesn't stop you from donating of course, the tax status of your donation just requires consulting with an accountant or lawyer most likely)
  73. emus Yeah, but I think that should not be on your effort here
  74. emus the German community should figure out themselves. Im sure one knows a tax adviser
  75. Sam I doubt most people will be donating enough that it would matter anyways; a few dollars ending up being tax exempt for you probably doesn't help your taxes at the end of the year
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  98. emus Yes, good point. Lets point that out
  99. emus starting in 20 mins?
  100. emus ah yes
  101. Sam Was just about to copy/paste that here :)
  102. emus and as I finished all tasks and bugfixing AND I have vaccation I now I am going to joi. :)
  103. emus hehe
  104. Sam Nice!
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  111. emus https://socialcoop.meet.coop/sam-pku-dud-niv
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  126. wurstsalat Sam, we could also link to this evening's recording on the fiscal host page / blog post
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  128. emus Doing Newsletter now. Final comments now please!
  129. emus wurstsalat, from merge to deploy does how much time go now?
  130. wurstsalat that depends on MattJ's time :)
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  133. emus ah the deployment is not automatic anymore
  134. emus ​ 58 [Dino v0.2.2 has been released](https://github.com/dino/dino/releases/tag/v0.2.2). This version is a maintenance release and includes bug fixes. Let's put this to October, ok?
  135. emus ah no, its Sept
  136. emus nevermind
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  138. emus sam, total of topic: If someone say thanks to me for some reason, can I say "sure" instead of "You're welcome!" something meaning "Sure, I was happy to help" or "No problem"
  139. Sam Oh yah, I think that's fine at least in U.S. English
  140. emus Hehe, I expect you just answer with sure 🙂 😀
  141. emus Thanks!
  142. Sam Sure thing!
  143. Sam (is also a variation I use a lot)
  144. emus ☺️
  145. emus interop note is proper expression?
  146. emus > Incorporate LC feedback: Remove requirement to remove "private" elements (and add interop note), completely reword mobile considerations to fit modern reality. (gl)
  147. wurstsalat emus, that's a 1:1 copy of the changelog, I wouldn't change that
  148. emus neox, is it okay if I place you ala NAME (NICKNAME) in the newsletter or just once?
  149. emus wurstsalat, ok
  150. emus wurstsalat: {{< newsletter-subscribe >}} I add the HTML code here?
  151. wurstsalat emus, that's a hugo template snippet. it will be replaced by the html subscription form during build
  152. emus ah ok, so I just leave it?
  153. wurstsalat yes
  154. emus 👍️
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  156. neox > neox, is it okay if I place you ala NAME (NICKNAME) in the newsletter or just once? > wurstsalat, ok I like Adrien Bourmault (neox)
  157. emus Ok, perfect then I just leave it as it is 🙂
  158. emus Nice screenshot jcbrand 😀
  159. emus https://conversejs.org/screenshots/Converse-fullscreen.png
  160. emus Go-sendxmpp, one of various alternatives to the original sendxmpp, released versions v0.1.0 and v0.1.1. is NOT a library?
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  163. emus wurstsalat, images are still rendered via something like: ![Communiqué](/images/newsletter/august2021/communique.png "Communiqué")
  164. wurstsalat they are rendered correctly, I just checked locally
  165. emus brb
  166. emus ok, but I dont need to name the static/
  167. wurstsalat no you don't
  168. wurstsalat emus, you can render the post locally with minimal effort using "hugo server" :)
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  170. emus I know 🙂 will do in a minute
  171. wurstsalat just ask if you have any questions!
  172. emus this is so smooth I cannot believe Much wow - such web
  173. wurstsalat *very newsletter
  174. emus https://jabbers.one:5281/upload/fVJf-gsmRQeWK-Fs/3f1598b7-77ee-46a5-859c-bc379489722e.png
  175. emus In the old version there was a reference on who posts and where its archived. Do we still need this? was it important?
  176. emus Tehcnically it is in the top now
  177. wurstsalat who posts? you mean authors? yes, post meta is now in the top
  178. emus Yeah, is fine
  179. emus wurstsalat can you give it a final approve?
  180. wurstsalat emus, 1 sec
  181. emus Sam, would it be possible to make the video we have public on youtube also public here? https://socialcoop.meet.coop/sam-pku-dud-niv
  182. Sam No, those are the raw unedited files and I don't want to eat their bandwidth
  183. emus kk
  184. wurstsalat emus, looks fine
  185. Sam I don't think it's really meant for lots of people downloading publicly :)
  186. emus 👍️
  187. wurstsalat maybe squash the commits though?
  188. emus I always do when merging
  189. wurstsalat thanks
  190. Sam The video just finished rendering a bit ago; going to go to the climbing gym and will start editing when I get back.
  191. emus Cool
  192. emus no rush
  193. wurstsalat I added `--buildFuture` the the `make serve` command. this way Hugo will build posts dated in the future as well. this might help when previewing posts :)
  194. emus ah ok
  195. wurstsalat when run stand alone, you can also just `hugo server --buildFuture`
  196. emus ⌛️ *Editorial closing of the XMPP Newsletter September 2021 release* 🚀️ Merge in a few minutes! Docker build pulls it asap robot 🙏️ Thanks to Adrien Bourmault (neox), Benoît Sibaud, emus, palm123, Licaon_Kter, MattJ, mdosch, nicola, seveso, Sam Whited, SouL, wurstsalat3000, Ysabeau for their help in creation, review and translation! 🤝️ ... ehh.. here we go again, https://timetoherd.com/ hand mask hand ❤️ 🎆️ Next release on 5th of November 2021 - The upcoming last release for this year!
  197. wurstsalat thanks emus !
  198. emus Could you by time list these trick somehwere?
  199. emus thanks wurstsalat! 🙂
  200. emus and all the other supporters!
  201. wurstsalat emus, it does this automatically if you use make serve :)
  202. emus ah ok
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  204. emus MattJ, please let me know when you managed to create a buil
  205. emus d
  206. emus *to deploy
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  210. MattJ I can do it now
  211. emus Ah that would be nice
  212. wurstsalat That'll unlock the Books section as well :) (and some other nice things)
  213. MattJ Done
  214. emus ❤️
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  216. emus wurstsalat I cannot find the new pages
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  218. emus *The XMPP Newsletter September 2021* https://xmpp.org/2021/10/the-xmpp-newsletter-september-2021/ Have a good time and enjoy reading! 🗞️🍵️ ☺️
  219. neox will enjoy translating lol
  220. emus 😅️ I hope you do 🙂
  221. emus Thanks!
  222. emus Memo to update: https://xmpp.org/community/events/ with link ref to github and XMPP Office horus
  223. emus wurstsalat sure the pages are online?
  224. emus ah yes: https://xmpp.org/about/publications/
  225. me9 Are there some 'official translators' or is it up to the community to submit some sort of PR of their translation(s)?
  226. emus We have the official volunteers for German, Italian and French
  227. emus but I think everyone is happy for support
  228. me9 Okay.
  229. emus Take a look in the first section of the newsletter, there you find the link. I think all of the translators are here aswell and you can reach out if you want to help
  230. emus shouldnt there be a better rendered option for the RFCs
  231. emus ?
  232. me9 > emus wrote: > Take a look in the first section of the newsletter, there you find the link. I think all of the translators are here aswell and you can reach out if you want to help I see, thanks.
  233. emus I think Anoxion could require some support, I think you speak German, right?
  234. emus they also havent published the last version
  235. me9 Yep.
  236. me9 Okay.
  237. emus is this intentional? https://xmpp.org/rfcs/
  238. MattJ Yes and no
  239. wurstsalat emus: that did not work as intended (first try). There is a redirect in place
  240. emus ah ok
  241. MattJ Some extra magic is required to update that, because the directory is served from somewhere else (not the xmpp.org repo)
  242. emus no rush what else is new I havent mentioned? The DOAP rendering online already?
  243. wurstsalat Nope, but I worked on that last weekend :)
  244. emus ah ok, fine ❤️
  245. emus https://github.com/robbiehanson/XMPPFramework thats missing here, right? https://xmpp.org/software/libraries/
  246. wurstsalat There are style improvements here and there. https://xmpp.org/extensions/ looks a bit different now (some bootstrap elements added)
  247. emus k
  248. MattJ But my muscle memory!
  249. wurstsalat MattJ: sorry, did I do something wrong?
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  251. MattJ No, just I use the page so much and now things are in slightly different places... I need to get used to it :)
  252. MattJ I'm used to loading the page and ticking 'Deferred' automatically without thinking
  253. emus What a nice service now 😉
  254. wurstsalat MattJ: I see! Hm other things you'd like to see improved?
  255. wurstsalat (as a daily user you'd probably know best)
  256. emus https://jabbers.one:5281/upload/FDrw9ciD1QsvT7Ic/7716b0f2-f045-4fc6-85d7-4857d5538d42.png
  257. emus I wonder if it would make sense to sort the filter option logically
  258. MattJ That may be nice indeed
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  260. emus Proposed - Experimental - Stable - Active - Final - Remaining I guess?
  261. MattJ I would put Deferred between Experimental and Stable, even if it's not checked by default, and I would swap Active/Final
  262. emus ok
  263. emus Other topic to sleep about: I think we can assume the email password is gone. if that applies we need to think of how to proceed next and reach out to mastodon to get this replaced somehow
  264. MattJ I thought you/SouL had access to it now? How did you get back onto Mastodon?
  265. MattJ But yes... sleep sounds good
  266. emus Mastodon request verification via email. but the email password does not work (anymore 🤷‍♂️?!)
  267. emus I would like to verify that its not working
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  270. neox Here is the wip french translation https://linuxfr.org/redaction/news/lettre-d-information-xmpp-de-septembre-2021
  271. emus Many thanks!
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