XSF Communications Team - 2021-11-05

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  39. Licaon_Kter They republish it every year, really tired of this...
  40. Licaon_Kter Same pattern of comments, xmpp devs explain _"it's not only xmpp"_, authors repeat _"whatabautism"_, Nenakov says they fixed it already but will release soon, matrix fanbois fanboi matrix, _"monolithic"_ is mentioned but it's double-speak for _"changes but we can't say that else it means we're not better than XMPP"_, so on and so forth. Sad that Arathorn didn't popup, I guess they have budget for some other person like `gefhfff`
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  71. emus > Licaon_Kter wrote: > They republish it every year, really tired of this... can you show?
  72. Licaon_Kter The yearly HN thread? Maybe, don't care enough The top of the article says republished, and 3 more updates in the past. It gets a HN article after each update and such
  73. Licaon_Kter It's not Newsletter material...
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  76. emus But as I started collecting things on that topic from.our side we can use it as a reason for response
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  78. Licaon_Kter What has changed since 2018 that you could formulate as an answer? Do note they just say "Use Signal" at the end.
  79. emus ^^ I cannot tell, but I would like to give the XMPP community here a positive way to make their "use xmpp" if it applies 🙂
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  81. Licaon_Kter Heh
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  84. emus Any last comments on current newsletter?
  85. wurstsalat Does it have the BadXMPP logo in it? :)
  86. emus doing now
  87. MattJ emus, if you can hold for a few more minutes, I can quickly review it now
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  90. emus yes
  91. emus many thanks
  92. emus please refresh, you should see images
  93. Licaon_Kter emus: line 34 the indent looks wrong, a tab before "Moreover"
  94. Licaon_Kter Line 38 two space before "now"
  95. emus thanks
  96. Licaon_Kter Line 60 should be removed, right?
  97. emus line 34: that is by intention and I recommend to look at the rendered view
  98. emus 38 fixws
  99. emus fixed
  100. emus well spotted
  101. Licaon_Kter Reading in Fasthub Libre, yeah...can't PR these to see the proper stuff :(
  102. emus 60 fixed
  103. emus MattJ I pushed a new commit
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  105. MattJ Looks good to me 👍
  106. MattJ Well done everyone :)
  107. emus Thank you very much!
  108. emus Merging!
  109. Licaon_Kter LGTM otherwise
  110. emus yes, I fixed them
  111. emus **Editorial closing of the XMPP Newsletter October 2021 release** Merge in a few minutes! MattJ would you be so kind and mimic the 🤖️? Thanks to Adrien Bourmault (neox), Anoxinon e.V., Benoît Sibaud, emus, Julien Jorge, Licaon_Kter, MattJ, mdosch, Nicola Fabiano, seveso, Sam Whited, SouL, wojtek, wurstsalat3000, Ysabeau for their help in creation, review and translation! Next release on 5th of December 2021 - The upcoming last release for this year!
  112. MattJ Yep, let me know when it's merged
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  114. emus it is already
  115. MattJ Deployed
  116. emus 😍️
  117. emus https://xmpp.org/2021/11/the-xmpp-newsletter-october-2021/
  118. emus Many thanks!
  119. emus that was really quick
  120. Licaon_Kter 👍
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  123. emus I also invite you to think about general improvements of the newsletter layout etc. I thought about putting parts of the headline to the end
  124. emus *applied by next year
  125. emus the next release will also be the last one for this year and as last year lets join the december release with the january one
  126. neox Yay
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  137. emus Maybe we can also place the newletter logo we use in the twitter post usually
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  179. emus SouL: I postet a toot - unfortunatley the mobile interface is not good so no picture this time. but you can do so for the tweet: https://fosstodon.org/@xmpp/107225084583719985
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  182. praveen hi just saw the news letter. We changed the open collective url of the mam plugin for xmppjs project to opencollective.com/bifrost-mam Can this be updated in the news letter?
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  196. emus praveen: hi praveen. yes I will try. But in general you are also invited to PR yourself. Happy hacking for your project!
  197. praveen emus, thanks
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  199. emus MattJ, once you have time for a new deployment that would be nice
  200. MattJ Done
  201. emus ah - great!
  202. praveen MattJ, thanks
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  206. emus praveen: I dont know if that is possible but evtl you could call the project for better reading: Bifrost bridge: Offline messages exchange between Matrix and XMPP CC: Sam
  207. praveen emus, sounds good
  208. praveen let me know if there is any other suggestion to the project description/about page
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