XSF Communications Team - 2021-11-11

  1. Sam

    Trying a new thing with the office hours this week. Using Open Collective to store details (https://opencollective.com/xmpp-office-hours-virtual-co-working-hour-791e55a7), a different time than normal, and also a new format: going to try a virtual co-working hour where people can just hack on their favorite projects and get XMPP help if they need it (or just hang out).

  2. emus

    not found 😃

  3. emus

    but nice idea!

  4. wurstsalat

    emus: remove ")," from the link

  5. emus


  6. emus

    remind me to hit the fosstodon

  7. Sam

    hmm, WOMM (even if I'm not logged in)

  8. Sam

    Is your URL parser adding the closing ), or something to the URL?

  9. Sam

    oh, someone literally already said that. Ignore me.

  10. emus


  11. ralphm

    Can't make it today, but +1 on proceeding with GSoC

  12. emus

    ok ralphm but shouldnt that go to XSF main channel? ☺

  13. emus

    ah mattj did

  14. ralphm

    Hmm yes

  15. Jeybe

    Oh new channel avatar

  16. Licaon_Kter

    Yup, finally

  17. wurstsalat


  18. emus


  19. neox

    Great new avatar !

  20. emus

    Thanks - I don't know who made it but I once saved it to my XSF folder

  21. emus


  22. emus

    Sam are you online?

  23. emus


  24. emus


  25. Sam

    emus: you rang?

  26. emus

    Sam: yes, but I already posted. I hope your are happy with it

  27. Sam

    oh cool, thanks