XSF Communications Team - 2021-11-29

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  56. emus yes. but can simply PR if you want
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  107. emus So, considering the newsletter break I am fine to add stuff to newsletter if it gets released until 2nd of Dec, so two more days. Sam then you have less stress, but please PR the news. wurstsalat
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  113. emus but all these news should still go into the next zears newsletter anyway
  114. wurstsalat sure!
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  116. emus 👍
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  124. Sam Done (https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1015).
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  127. emus Many thanks
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  130. Sam Sure. I *really* hate submitting PRs against markdown documents, it combines a lot of things I don't like, so maybe next month I'll just make a placeholder link or something that can be in the newsletter and will redirect to the actual thing when it's out. That would let me not have to do it early too as I prefer to write these on the last day of the month. Anyways, just thinking out loud.
  131. Sam It would also mean the link can update if we ever move these updates and not break, which is probably good because this isn't a *real* blog, and I'd like to have RSS eventually for them. Anyways, other suggestions welcome.
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  135. emus I dont understand the latter. But what exactly makes life hard for you when PRing?
  136. wurstsalat Sam, I took your PR and added the content manually in order to put in into the right section. Github's online editor works good for this kind of contributions :)
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  139. emus Yes, maybe just do it this way
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  141. Sam I don't like GitHub's online editor much, or using their PR flow (which is sad because everyone has adopted it). It's normally not a big deal, but I also don't like editing hard-to-read markdown files with long lines that go on forever off the page, so in general I'd just prefer to use a pad or similar for writing personally
  142. Sam It's not a huge deal, just something I try to avoid and I missed it this month
  143. emus wurstsalat: thanks
  144. Sam Huh, apparently I still didn't understand the markdown file and I thought I put it immediately under the "libraries" header. Oh well, sorry; thanks for merging.
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  147. emus Sam: next time yiu can also just place it here
  148. emus prewritten
  149. Sam Oh that's easy enough; thanks
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  160. singpolyma 👋don't wanna be one of those whiners, I'm sure everyone here is beyond busy, just thought worth mentioning that the Twitter @xmpp has not posted the October newsletter yet and November is almost over
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  163. wurstsalat emus is on it ;)
  164. emus singpolyma: yes thanks
  165. emus just a bit of patience. I will take measures to bring it up to dste even some of it might be already out-dated
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  173. Martin Does the pad work for you?
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  176. Martin Ah ok, works in my dirty browser. Seems firefox is configured too secure. :D
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  262. emus So the final deadline is coming close - last chance for this years XMPP Newsletter!
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  265. emus So the final deadline is coming close - last chance for this years last XMPP Newsletter!
  266. emus https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1012
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  272. emus reminder to announce the member votings + link to application page for future applicants
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