XSF Communications Team - 2021-12-01

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  6. goffi Libervia 0.8 released: https://www.goffi.org/b/libervia-v0-8-la-cecilia-BdQ4 . I'm too tired to make the PR tonight, will do it tomorrow.
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  30. emus goffi: two questions: do you provide a doap file + an entry ik the xsf client.json?
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  124. goffi emus: no I don't have a DOAP file yet, I haven't found the time (I'm really really overwhelmed for a while). and yes Libervia is in client.json altough I may have missed the deadline for the update, I need to check (also it's the former name, I'll make a PR to change that). I'm going to do the PR for the newsletter in the coming hour.
  125. emus goffi: no rush - I just a kind suggestion when you are less flooded
  126. emus So the last 24 hrs for any commits. I would really appreciate if one could volunteer to check this MUC for missed entries
  127. goffi emus: sure, thanks. I'll check that. DOAP is on my TODO list
  128. emus sure - you can take a copy from converse or gajim
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  134. goffi emus: yes I'll do that. I have already the implemented XEP documented in the code itself, so it should not be a big deal to make a script to generate this part in the DOAP. But I have already a lot on the table, at least with 0.8 released now, I can focus on other things.
  135. emus 👍️
  136. emus yes, please focus on this
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  139. goffi emus: I've made the PR there: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1027 . Is it normal that it's ` xsf:newsletter-october2021` instead of `xsf:newsletter-november2021`?
  140. goffi emus: Also, it seems that the beagle IM locations image at the end of "Clients and applications" section is a dead link.
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