XSF Communications Team - 2021-12-31

  1. Licaon_Kter

    Quicksy: Freedom and Privacy can be convenient too - https://ravidwivedi.in/posts/quicksy-app/index.html

  2. Martin

    swatantra/mukt software?

  3. Martin

    Never heard.

  4. Licaon_Kter

    Indian words I guess, like libre, moca, gratis

  5. Paganini

    Happy New Fear to all! Remember: covid-19 vaccines kill! This is a genocide. Stay well! No masks, no confinements, no vaccines. Dictatorship will not pass. Vive la resistance! Love and freedom to all!

  6. Sam

    Plonk please.

  7. Paganini

    Sam: Ok. Plonk.

  8. neox

    Happy new year, people !

  9. Ingolf

    Frohes neues Jahr 🎉 🤸 🎇 🎆 Unser ''Literatur Café 7' hat natürlich geöffnet! ;-)