XSF Communications Team - 2022-01-01

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  14. emus https://jabbers.one:5281/upload/jIgc3sCympNWL1Rn/20220101_013718464.m4a
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  16. emus yes I send a voice message
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  18. Sam Thanks emus, happy new year to you too!
  19. emus Many Thanks ☺
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  24. Ingolf 'Literatur Café 7' xmpp:test-ccc-1@conference.monocles.de?join Der entsprechende 'Jitsi Meet' Raum: https://meet.ffmuc.net/LiteraturCafé7
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  127. praveen https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-build-meta/-/issues/454#note_1344288 should we respond to this claim? gnome is big and influential project.
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  193. Licaon_Kter praveen: the toot that emus made above might be good :)
  194. emus I cant follow 100% what wou'd be the response?
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  236. Licaon_Kter praveen: this sounds good? https://fosstodon.org/@xmpp/107468589197565911
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  239. Licaon_Kter > Snikket Private XMPP Chat on Oracle Cloud Free Tier - Virtually Potato https://www.virtuallypotato.com/snikket-private-xmpp-chat-on-oracle-cloud-free-tier/
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  254. praveen Licaon_Kter, I doubt anything will change their mind. But shared here in case someone is more optimistic than me.
  255. singpolyma Licaon_Kter: oof, that mastodon thread is a disaster. Dogpile-defense against someone who just had an opinion about their own usage
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  258. emus Do you think at least our reply was not good?
  259. singpolyma emus: I think the reply from @xmpp was ok, but the ensuing dogpile is a bad look on the community
  260. emus Yes, but I cannot prevent this
  261. singpolyma I know
  262. emus apart from interrupting here and there. But I need to be told where it happens. So let us know if you see somthing
  263. Ramiro Romani tbh i dont know how people can reach these opinions. feels like they havent touched the xmpp ecosystem since after 2019
  264. Licaon_Kter singpolyma: the post is short and on point, to dismiss the FUD The sht they post its their own, we can't change their mind they need to do it themselves.
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  267. singpolyma Ramiro Romani: ehn, it's about use case and your corner of the world. Jabber has worked well for me in mobile since I got my second mobile device in ~2010 or so, but many people needed a good Android app and that was a long time coming. Some need r good iOS app and that's only really become a reality recently. Some want to send GIF or custom emoji a lot and most clients are still bad at both
  268. singpolyma Or if you have friends who do use Jabber but all insist on using TUI clients or biboumi or something then you may think things don't work well because what you want doesn't match what your friends havn
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  270. singpolyma GIF, custom emoji, and link unrolling are all pretty high on my list if I ever get time to work on client stuff because so many of my contacts effectively need one of those
  271. Licaon_Kter Link preview?
  272. singpolyma Licaon_Kter: yeah
  273. Licaon_Kter Can TURN be (ab)used as a proxy? Surely I'm not the first to think of this...
  274. singpolyma A proxy for what?
  275. Licaon_Kter Anonymize link preview...
  276. singpolyma Oh, you mean if target client wants to fetch a preview? Yeah, that's just not a good client design, there's no good way to make it work IMO
  277. singpolyma TURN cannot be used for that, but even if it could you would be sending all links to your server
  278. Licaon_Kter Yeah, many solutions, each with its own faults :(
  279. singpolyma The only way really is to either have the sending client at metadata, or to have a server or muc component add it, the latter only works if unencrypted if course
  280. singpolyma The only way really is to either have the sending client at metadata, or to have a server or muc component add it, the latter only works if unencrypted of course
  281. singpolyma But neither of these is hard, just have to do it :)
  282. singpolyma I think building rendering for the metadata to client, and then allowing MUC to annotate would be good first step
  283. Licaon_Kter What's the point exactly? Skipping a click/touch?
  284. singpolyma With media links especially can mean image or video inline in chat instead of opening browser for example
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  298. Ramiro Romani singpolyma: this is definitely needed!
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