XSF Communications Team - 2022-01-08

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  100. Ramiro Romani 🤣
  101. Ramiro Romani congrats on that success for sure.
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  103. Ramiro Romani no idea how the article i did on xmpp went viral but it received around 30K views
  104. Ramiro Romani it just got picked up on hacker news and that was it
  105. Ramiro Romani imo xmpp is setup to gain a lot of users this year
  106. Ramiro Romani i am trying to insert it in every relevant conversation
  107. Ramiro Romani for instance, disroot just shut down their matrix instance because of privacy concerns
  108. Ramiro Romani a privacy focused community ditched matrix in favor of xmpp. that could be spun into a huge win
  109. Ramiro Romani but it needs people to shed light on the story
  110. Ramiro Romani dw i got y'alls backs
  111. Ramiro Romani and will try to stay updated with new developments here
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  114. Licaon_Kter Ramiro Romani: > for instance, disroot just shut down their matrix instance because of privacy concerns "Just" means when?
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  117. Ramiro Romani the post i saw was on their Pleroma dated 2 days ago
  118. Ramiro Romani it could have been farther back
  119. Ramiro Romani i should check
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  121. Ramiro Romani https://fe.disroot.org/notice/AF9T8wwxs7H9Xw3HEm
  122. Ramiro Romani could just be them explaining their reasoning - i may have missed the newsletter
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  135. emus > Ramiro Romani escribió: > no idea how the article i did on xmpp went viral but it received around 30K views not bad
  136. emus > Ramiro Romani escribió: > it just got picked up on hacker news and that was it Would be nice to post the newsletter and office hours talks there
  137. emus btw sam are there any sign ups already?
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  140. Martin > no idea how the article i did on xmpp went viral but it received around 30K views Which one?
  141. emus Hi ralphm, once there were some fosdem xmpp flyers. were are the files etc stored?
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  143. emus In general, everyone please remind the Newsletter is already open foe your contributions from whole December and January! Newsletter draft on Github: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/milestone/3 (Navigate to the latest issue, then to 'Files changes', then 'Edit File') Or drop your news text to you online pad: https://yopad.eu/p/xmpp-newsletter-365days
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  151. MattJ FWIW there is no chance of a virtual FOSDEM stand for us this year
  152. MattJ They only invited people who applied for a stand last year, and we didn't
  153. emus really? omg...
  154. Licaon_Kter Wtf?! It's virtual so what's the issue!?!
  155. MattJ I think each stand has a Matrix channel and a website section. They said they have some process that has to run to generate them, and it takes days. They said they don't have the volunteer power to handle more than last year.
  156. MattJ I strongly feel that we, as a community, need to do something this year
  157. emus just wow
  158. emus > MattJ escribió: > I strongly feel that we, as a community, need to do something this year Yes - but Matt - focus on your own situation first
  159. MattJ I'm happy to help out with it (not for a couple of months at least though)
  160. MattJ But we should start coming up with ideas
  161. emus im alread GSoC admin so thats covered :)
  162. MattJ That's good
  163. MattJ You've been doing a good job promoting that :)
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  171. emus Thanks!
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  180. emus MattJ: in what way did you think of doing something?
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  202. vanitasvitae TAKE EM TO TWITTER!!!!! (nah, just kidding)
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  204. MattJ emus, I really don't know yet
  205. MattJ Something like an online summit, but also with a side of outreach to folks outside the usual community
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  207. MattJ Which is what a normal year in Brussels used to give us
  208. vanitasvitae "Its decentralized, they said" :P
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  210. emus yes, I would really like to actively support such an event
  211. vanitasvitae Did you already sent a mail with contact address and pentabarf accounts to stands@fosdem.org in case they do another run?
  212. vanitasvitae Thats what they recommended here https://lists.fosdem.org/pipermail/fosdem/2022q1/003378.html
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  223. Ramiro Romani > Martin wrote: > Which one? https://takebackourtech.org/xmpp-comeback/
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  246. Martin Ah, this one.
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  258. Licaon_Kter December? Oh well... https://bishopfox.com/blog/xmpp-underappreciated-attack-surface
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  292. *IM* Ramiro Romani: Which "hacker news"?
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  294. singpolyma *IM*: orange website
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  296. Ramiro Romani do yall have a site for the conference?
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  305. *IM* singpolyma: > orange website ?
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  308. *IM* At the moment I translate the thoughts (alternatives to WhatsApp, interoperability, E2EE, pseudo security) to englisch - they are going to be published (hopefully) the next few days. If you like the content, a link in the "hacker news" (and everywere else) would be nice.
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  311. Ramiro Romani https://news.ycombinator.com/
  312. Ramiro Romani what's your site?
  313. *IM* www.freie-messenger.de
  314. *IM* https://www.freie-messenger.de
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