XSF Communications Team - 2022-01-09

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  81. Toxi > emus schrieb: > wow MattJ - this thing went really viralt over the new year: https://fosstodon.org/web/@xmpp/107479459006191793 there are some broken redirects in it i alone made about 10000 of them
  82. emus ok
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  84. Toxi https://xmpp.zp1.net:5281/upload/xPBAApC5-5b2ZC8o/20220109_102647512_dfc7.jpg
  85. Toxi if you do not allow some third part cookies it creates a infinite loop
  86. Toxi > Licaon_Kter schrieb: > Wtf?! It's virtual so what's the issue!?! viral refers to german mainstream media framing. they call something "viral" if it is shared a lot via facebook or twitter.
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  89. Toxi they say for example "some news went viral" if everybody knows it, but people should not know it. it is a negative framing
  90. Toxi but here we have just a broken redirect
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  94. Licaon_Kter Toxi: you missread my quote and context, different subject
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  96. Toxi > Licaon_Kter schrieb: > Toxi: you missread my quote and context, different subject ojay excuse moi
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  126. Toxi who is responsible for xmpp.net? is the site code online ?
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  129. Sam Toxi: don't DM random people your question. Just wait, lots of people in this room may be asleep right now and will answer your question when they can. If you didn't get an answer publicly it's not likely that you're going to get one by asking again privately.
  130. Sam Thanks.
  131. Toxi I just asked 3 Guys... people I seen before .. not randome
  132. Sam Doesn't matter. Those three people can see your public question, you don't have to ask again.
  133. emus I dont know what to do with this issue
  134. Toxi I found a vulnerability in the php code on xmpp.net and want to tell it only provate to the one responsible
  135. Toxi *private
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  145. emus MattJ
  146. emus Thank you Toxi
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  149. Toxi don't say it to me, say it to everyone, that way it's not me ignoring you but all of us ignoring you.
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  151. Sam No one is ignoring you, either no one knows or people are still asleep. I appreciate that you want to report a vulnerability, that's very nice, but you'll have to just be patient and wait for someone who knows to come online. Pinging people won't help.
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  153. Sam (unless you know those people are the maintainer, obviously :) )
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  164. emus Well technically we shou'd expand the github repo to reporting security issues properly
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  205. MattJ Toxi, you can email security issues to me at me@matthewwild.co.uk
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  208. MattJ The code is online at https://github.com/xmpp-observatory
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  219. Toxi MattJ, imediatly
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