XSF Communications Team - 2022-01-28

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  86. emus If there are volunteers to PR the onlinepad news into the current draft PR this would be highly appreciated
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  118. praveen I think xsf should have a page similar to https://matrix.to currently each app is having its own page like conversations.im/j or blabber.im/j etc
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  120. emus interesting. but how does it exactly work. only with public data right?
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  126. praveen It is basically a page anyone can open before they have a matrix app, it gives them a list of all apps for their platform.
  127. praveen For xmpp, we could also do it the same way.
  128. praveen xmpp: links work only if you already have an xmpp app.
  129. praveen Conversations and its forks have an option to share http URL of a group, I think it works only for public groups.
  130. praveen But these are tied to these apps
  131. praveen I think such a service should be available to all apps to use and list all apps for a platform that satisfies some minimum criteria.
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  138. Link Mauve praveen, do you mean something like https://yax.im/i/#commteam@muc.xmpp.org?join
  139. praveen Link Mauve: yes
  140. praveen Every app seems to have a different page
  141. Link Mauve Every XMPP service maybe you meant?
  142. Link Mauve I’m not aware of client-specific ones.
  143. praveen Link Mauve: https://blabber.im/j/commteam@muc.xmpp.org
  144. Link Mauve Right, this one both leaks the JID to their server, and assumes I submit to either Google or Apple.
  145. praveen https://conversations.im/j/commteam@muc.xmpp.org
  146. Link Mauve Ok, so some clients do have this client-specific thing, meh. :/
  147. praveen Link Mauve: we are talking about public groups and no personal jid is shared
  148. Link Mauve s/j/i/ in the URL, and suddenly it’s a personal JID.
  149. Link Mauve But in either case, there is no need to leak it to the server is what I meant.
  150. praveen Link Mauve: it is optional
  151. praveen You are not mandated to use it
  152. Link Mauve Well, if you want to share a link with someone who might not use XMPP already, it’s kind of not optional. :p
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  154. praveen Link Mauve: what is your point?
  155. praveen Since you are worried about leaking jid, others who are fine with it should not have an option to use it?
  156. Link Mauve That the # character in the link I posted makes it much less of a surveillance device, and there is almost no reason not to use it.
  157. Link Mauve Anything after the # in an URL is not transmitted to the server, and for this kind of trivial page it really shouldn’t be.
  158. praveen Link Mauve: are you saying yax.im implementation is better than these other implementations ?
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  160. Link Mauve Yes.
  161. praveen As long as people can see a page with options for clients like matrix.to that is enough for my use case.
  162. Link Mauve It also doesn’t assume I’m running Android or iOS (I don’t, it’s even written in my user agent) by suggesting clients for my actual OS.
  163. Link Mauve Right, that’s my second issue with your two pages, they don’t propose a choice they impose their own client.
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  165. praveen Link Mauve: those two are examples
  166. praveen I only want that functionality so yax.im one is fine
  167. praveen Can we have that on a domain run by xsf ?
  168. praveen And recommended for clients to offer that as an additional option to share public muc links?
  169. MattJ What's the advantage?
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  171. praveen Would Dino IM want to show yax.im links?
  172. praveen Wouldn't a page from xsf makes it more appealing for all clients to implement?
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  174. praveen Also each client don't have to maintain it separately
  175. praveen We already maintain a list of clients, why not integrate this there?
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  183. emus Link Mauve & wurstsalat are working on a nice presentation for clients
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  217. Licaon_Kter praveen: https://github.com/iNPUTmice/Conversations/issues/2913
  218. Licaon_Kter praveen: joinjabber.org / joinxmpp.org ?
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  221. praveen Licaon_Kter, that should be fine.
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  223. praveen join.jabber.network in the last comment seems good.
  224. Licaon_Kter xmpp:chat@joinjabber.org?join praveen: ^^^
  225. praveen as long as it is maintained by some project not specific to a particular project and open to contributions that should be find.
  226. emus I have today propsoed to get us a join.xmpp.org subdomain
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  231. msavoritias It would be nice for all the clients and servers to be there. Much easier to guide people there imo Of course it would need a good presentation
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  233. emus Yes, but please see that we all are volunteers. I will be very busy with keeping up Newsletter and organize GSoC - therefore it would be great to have input on these topic and taking over of those task or support to reduce the hours spend on the newsletter for example.
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  259. praveen we can just start with join.jabber.network code and improve based on feedback
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  264. wurstsalat _we_ can _just_ :)
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  281. emus ^ this :-)
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